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May 21, 2020

  • Playing pokies seem to be so much fun but winning pokies adds more thrill to the game. Since modern pokies base your winnings on things like random number generators.
  • Learning how to win at pokies sounds like an important skill, but unfortunately it doesn’t exist in the form that many punters would hope for. If it did, then hoards of players would flood the casinos and drive them into bankruptcy within a matter of days. Sure, there are things you can do to.

How to Win on Pokies? Unlike the majority of online casino games, pokies really don’t have a straightforward playing strategy that you can use to win. Your gameplay usually has to be dynamic; you keep adjusting your strategy depending on the pokie you are.

Many are interested in how to pokies on the Internet using various strategies. The networkhas a lot of information about this, and most of it iserroneous and is an order of the casinos themselves. In thisregard, players use the described scheme and lose money.After a detailed analysis, methods that really work wereidentified. All of them will be described in this article.

How to beat online pokies

There are some tips that can help everyone. However, theywill not make players millionaires, but enough for lunch ina cafe. You must do the following:

  • choose only honest companies that have long establishedthemselves;
  • always use the demo mode to get acquainted with themachine and its winning combinations;
  • choose those pokies where the payouts are higher (you canget this information in the pay table on the online casinoportal);
  • play on different slots;
  • do not forget to take bonuses, as they can be debited overtime;
  • try to stay cool and not give in to excessive excitement.

That is not all. However, these tips will increase thechances of winning and stop playing in time.

How to beat pokies - strategies and schemes

There are many different strategies that allow you to beatthe casino slot machines and earn some money. They aredescribed in more detail below.


It is considered very famous among professionals. Itconsists in doubling each subsequent bet in the event of adefeat. If the casino plays fair, the outcome will berandom. Thus, winning, the user fully returns the lostfunds. Many argue that this method was invented by thecasinos themselves. It is possible, but it is actively usedand bears fruit. The main thing is to stop on time.


In this case, the bet after the defeat must be reduced byhalf, and after winning increases. Given that most of thespins will not be in favor of the player, this strategyseems more logical. However, as practice shows, during wins,the size of the bet becomes close to the minimum. Therefore,the user will not be able to return all the money spent.


This strategy allows you to get quite a big win. It consistsin the study of the machines played. The more often theprogram gives out a loss. There is the higher theprobability of winning. However, here it is necessary toconstantly record information about the observed automata inorder to understand the scheme of operation of the randomnumber generator. Despite the efforts, many experts stilllose using this method. You can talk about this strategy fora long time, but the problem is that it is difficult tostudy how many people use a particular program. Therefore,it is necessary to spend a lot of your own funds in order tounravel when you need to set the maximum for winning.

One bet per day

Here, players make only one bet per day, but on machinesthat allow you to win the jackpot. Playing daily, the chanceof winning becomes quite high. In this case, losses areusually fully paid off. Despite the lack of pleasure duringthe game, as it is short, the user gets a real chance toincrease his monthly income.


Other methods

There is still a pyramidal system. It comes down to the factthat the player makes bets initially on an increase, andthen on a decrease. For example, from 1 USD to 5 USD andback to 1 USD. The goal of the strategy is to be able tomaintain your capital at low rates and earn maximum duringthe maximum rate. Indeed, after 4 consecutive losses, theprobability of winning is pretty high.

There is almost a similar High-Low or High-Low strategy. Theonly difference is that bets are placed on each spin inturn: 1 USD, 5 USD, 1 USD, 5 USD.

These are the main recommendations for beginners who want topreserve their capital and increase it a little. Usually themonthly win rarely exceeds 100-200 USD, but if luck smilesat you, you can get a jackpot.

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