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The first Wicked Winnings game is now rare in US casinos. It was Wicked Winnings II which really caught on – making this a must-play for a generation of slot fans. On the reels you’ll find skulls, ravens and goblets. These demonic staples sit among the boldly colored. ARISTOCRAT SLOT MACHINE Model (Weird Wicked Winnings 2) Widescreen! Additionally, this model is quite rare, hard to find, and very much sought after. Features & Benefits. Wicked Winnings Slot Machine Review. Wicked Winnings is an absolute legend in Las Vegas and in fact, all over the world. One of the biggest things about Wicked Winnings is the fact it is so volatile and you can get such big wins on penny play. As of yet, there is no free version to play online, but hopefully the company releases it soon.

Just like a good movie, Wicked Winnings slots became so
popular after its release in 2000 that developer Aristocrat made
a whole series out of the game. So there are currently four
different versions of Wicked Winnings in land based casinos.

Obviously this shows that players truly enjoy this sinful
slot, but why? Specifically, what are the characteristics that
have made Wicked Winnings such a success?

We’ll answer these questions throughout this review and
discuss all four games in detail, two main downsides of this
series, and our overall verdict on Wicked Winnings.

If you continue reading, not only will you find all this
information, but you will also find a free, playable version
of Wicked Winnings slot machine before you decide you want to
play for real money.

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The original Wicked Winnings slot machine made its casino debut in 2000. Since then, two more editions of the game have been released to meet the demand of enthusiastic slots players. Developed by the Australian-based Aristocrat, Wicked Winnings is an ideal option for those who want to wager with low stakes and still have a chance at a respectable payout.

The following Wicked Winnings slot review will cover all three versions of the game. I’ll discuss the traits they have in common, while also focusing on their differences. No matter which version your run across in the casino, this article will have you prepared.

Wicked Winnings Theme

All of the Wicked Winnings slot machines have a sinister tone to them, but what else would you expect from a game with “wicked” in the title? You’ll find skulls, jewel-encrusted goblets, flames, animated ravens flying through a lightning storm, and stacks of gold coins. But my favorite symbol has to be the sultry she-devil, a temptress in a slinky dress who also serves as the primary character for each version of the game.

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Screenshots of the Slot Game Wicked Winnings II

Wicked Winnings I, II and III

The following is an overview of all three versions of the Wicked Winnings slot machine, including any differences that might exist.

Wicked Winnings I - Some of the payouts in this version are as low as 5 or 10 credits, while others range into the high hundreds. I especially like the game’s third reel, which has a Wicked Winnings symbol on each payline. Even if you fail to complete a combo on the other reels, there’s a strong chance that these symbols will convert it into a winner. These symbols also stick around during free spins, something which doesn’t occur in the sequels. The first Wicked Winnings doesn’t have a re-spin feature, but the later versions do.

Wicked Winnings II - The graphics on this version are slightly improved, and it still offers generous wins for low wagers. This time, the Wicked Winnings symbol serves as a scatter during the free spins phase. If you’d like to see the payout potential, head over to YouTube and watch some of the videos of people winning. I saw one fellow walk away with $710 off of a 50 cent wager, while another player became $4,854 richer.

Wicked Winnings III - While the first two versions are 5-reel slots, this one has 6 reels. Winning combinations occur less frequently, but the payout sizes are increased. Since you can play for only a penny, this means you stand a good chance of seeing a return on your investment. The graphics in the game show significant improvement over the previous two. A new feature in this version is XtraReel Power, although you’ll need to make a minimum wager of 40 credits to take advantage of it. The bet amount for each spin is also set higher in this edition (200 compared to 50).

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Wicked Winnings Common Elements

Youtube Slot Machines Wicked Winnings

Each edition of Wicked Winnings differs slightly, but there are also a number of elements common to the games. The second and third versions, for example, both offer re-spin features. Free spins are included in all versions of the game, and you’ll have 243 different ways to win.

I recommend Wicked Winnings to anyone who wants to play slots without burning through their bankroll in 20 minutes. The low wagers allow you to sit comfortably for hours, enjoy the colorful animation, and still have a chance at making some respectable money. The hellish theme might be a turn-off to some, but everyone else will be too busy winning to care.

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