Wheel Of Fortune Progressive Jackpot

Wheel Of Fortune Progressive Jackpot needs a bonus code, enter the appropriate bonus code. You will find this along with other information provided about the bonus. The bonus is now ready for use. The $5 Wheel of Fortune progressive system has a starting jackpot of $1 million. In order to win the MegaJackpot, a player bets $10 at a time while attempting to line up the Wheel of Fortune symbols on.

MegaJackpots Wheel of Fortune

MegaJackpots Wheel of Fortune is a 5 reel, 20 payline game brought to you be famed slot developers IGT. It is based around the hit television show of the same name and features images and icons related to the high roller lifestyle. The high-value symbols are comprised of luxury objects and include an aeroplane, a yacht, a yellow sports car and a ring with a purple diamond in it. The low-value symbols are made up of the playing cards J, Q, K and A. There are two additional symbols as well; a wild which only appears in the game’s Re-spin and Wild Reel modes and a scatter which triggers the Wheel of Fortune Feature.

Get ready for your TV debut, with MegaJackpots Wheel of Fortune on Air! This is part of IGT’s immensely popular MegaJackpots series, which brings you the same great gameplay but also includes a chance to win one of their huge progressive jackpots. Before we get into all that though, let’s first take a look at the paytable and visuals.

Design and Layout

Considering what the game is based on, it isn't hard to guess what the visuals are like in this title. The reel set is quite standard, containing all the symbols, which are depicted well. Lion casino bonus code. The background looks like a television studio set in space, with lavish purple dominating the pallet and a starry sky atop it all. The titular Wheel can be found to the left of the reels, with the various benefits you can win from it detailed on the segments in view. There's an audience effect that constantly plays as a backing track, with each win you land drawing rapturous applause.

Bonus Feature

Wheel of Fortune Feature

Now, this wouldn’t be a Wheel of Fortune game if the titular wheel didn’t make an appearance at some point. This isn’t just a cameo either, the device takes centre stage in this slot game. This triggers when you land three or more of the game’s scatter symbol anywhere in view on the reels. This will start a minigame where you must spin the Wheel of Fortune. The more scatter symbols you land, the better bonuses you will have a chance to win. The minimum amount will get you access to the normal wheel, four grant a spin with the Super Wheel, while five will award a spin with the Ultra Wheel.

The wheel is comprised of various segments that will either grant prize multipliers or one of four bonus features:

•Mystery Transform Bonus – depending on the wheel’s level, 6, 11 or 14 new mystery symbols will be added to the reels which will then convert into one specific one. This means a greater chance of landing wins.

•Wild Reel Bonus- This will turn 3, 4 or 5 of the reels completely wild. If you get five of the reels to become wild, then you will receive a 600x your stake payout.

•Re-spin Bonus – You will be granted 3, 4 or 5 re-spins, with the scatter symbols that triggered the round turning into sticky wilds. Additionally, any extra wilds you land for the duration of the re-spins will turn sticky as well.

•Multiplier Bonus- A take multiplier will be applied, worth 10x, in the first wheel level, 50x for the Super Wheel, while the Ultra Wheel will award a very tasty 250x.


This bonus is triggered when the Wheel of Fortune bonus lands on the MegaJackpots segment. The wheel will then show 24 unopened envelopes, with a different number of the MegaJackpots hidden depending on the Wheel level; one for the first, two for the second and three for the third. If you land an envelope with the symbol in, then you will be awarded the game’s progressive jackpot.

MegaJackpots Wheel of Fortune at Kerching

Malcolm Says…

Just like Lucky, I love a good bonus feature, especially when it offers a variety of benefits. IGT have made a very smart move making the Wheel of Fortune itself the centre of attention, with the show’s premise perfect for the slot’s bonus mechanic. It can be proper useful too, and the unpredictable nature of what you’ll get keeps the gameplay feeling fresh.

Whilst players don’t normally play slots for the jackpots, as actually landing one is very rare, their presence is always appreciated. The great thing about its use in this slot is that it is integrated into the Wheel, making it very much a background effect so you never feel like you’re playing for it. All in all, we think this is a cracking addition to the MegaJackpots line-up, with fully licensed visuals and a well-executed bonus round.

Play it Here

Fancy having a spin? Luckily, you can play MegaJackpots Wheel of Fortune right here at Kerching! If you feel a bout of stage fright coming on though, don’t worry, Kerching has got loads of entertaining titles to try. Perhaps you would prefer something with a more feline feel about it, like the popular Kitty Glitter? Or for something of the magical variety, give Pixies of the Foresta go.If you’re a newcomer to Kerching, be sure to take advantage of our particular sign up an offer on our promotions page as well as any other offers we currently have on.

Gamble Responsibly

Logging onto Kerching should be entertaining, but this can only ever happen if you practise responsible gambling. Remember that any spin in a slot you take is completely randomised and has no correlation to another. If you have any questions, visit BeGambleAware for free advice and guidance. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our support team at [email protected].

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Wheel of fortune progressive slot jackpots

Wheel of Fortuneslot machines have been around casino floors so long they’re nearly impossible to miss. Any regular casino-goer has surely noticed the large, colorful, spinning wheels perched atop the otherwise normal slot machines.

Stemming from one of the most popular game shows of all time, Wheel of Fortune’s music, sound effects, and the wheel itself have become unmistakable in American culture. It’s these features of the show that create the basis for the Wheel of Fortune slot machines by IGT.

Wheel. of. Fortune!

It doesn’t take much to sell a game based on another game already with millions of fans. Whether it’s the distinctive ding of a new letter being revealed, or the final bonus puzzle countdown music, or from the sight of the wheel itself, any Wheel of Fortune game show fan is certain to immediately recognize the slot machine on a casino floor.

And for any fans with dreams of spinning the wheel themselves, this game can provide at least a taste of what that might be like.

Wheel of Fortune slot machines are often standard three-reel machines with typical symbols and paylines. They’re differentiated by the obvious Wheel of Fortune game show theme and the even more obvious giant wheel.

As a novelty, Wheel of Fortune slots are attractive to slot experiencers. The allure of spinning the wheel and having it quite literally dictate their fortune could definitely be enough to sway an experiencer to play.

The Wheel

Earning spins on the wheel can be very valuable. Depending on the specific machine and stakes, a spot on the wheel is usually worth between 20 and 1000 credits. Earning spins is reasonably common, too.

A standard three-reel WoF slot simply needs the “spin” symbol to appear on the payline of the third reel. This ensures players will likely get to experience the Wheel of Fortune aspect of the game. It also guarantees that each play on the slot machine is itself suspenseful. No matter what shows up on the first two reels, a potentially lucrative spin of the wheel may be approaching.

The best-known and most popular WoF slots work like this: they have three reels, a few standard paylines, and a large wheel above the machine. But the strong popularity of the WoF slots has created the opportunity for variations, most notably the three-wheeled, five-reeled Wheel of Fortune Triple Extreme Spin. This game provides more action and more winning combinations than the traditional WoF slots while also giving the player a more interactive experience with the bonus game wheels.

To start this bonus game, a player needs at least three spin symbols to appear among the five reels. Once the bonus game begins, the player will select an envelope, like the winning contestant on the WoF game show would do for their bonus game, for each spin symbol that appeared on their reels.

At least three envelopes will be selected every time the bonus game is played. This is because at least three spin symbols are required to start the game. Each envelope corresponds to getting a result on one of the three wheels — two of which having amounts to win and the other having multipliers.

Players can even attain special multipliers if more than three spin symbols are used to activate the game. In this way, players can win huge amounts of money by getting lucky and having large prizes supplemented by large multipliers.

No matter the specific WoF slot, the potential to spin the big wheel(s) will always be one of the main draws. And it would likely be the biggest draw if it weren’t for one thing…

Progressive jackpots on Wheel of Fortune slots

WoF slot machines offer some of the largest progressive jackpot prizes anywhere. The 25-cent machines offer a jackpot that starts at $200,000 and steadily rises. The jackpot frequently reaches over $500,000 before being hit.

Wheel Of Fortune Progressive Jackpot Las Vegas

The $1 and $5 machines offer a jackpot that starts at $1 million. A WoF machine’s jackpot is linked to all other machines of the same stakes that offer the progressive jackpot in the state of Nevada. The amounts will be reset on all machines to their (still quite lofty) starting amounts whenever the jackpot is hit.

To be eligible for a progressive jackpot on these machines, players must play max credits on their spin. Max credits are three for the 25-cent machines and two for the $1 and $5 machines.

Not all WoF slots have this progressive jackpot, but the jackpot has undoubtedly become a staple of the brand.

With a unique money-making opportunity at a relatively low cost, the WoF progressive jackpots are certain to attract jackpot hunters. And when the jackpot amount swells to unusually high numbers, many seekers who don’t spend much of their time playing slots will make their way to the WoF machines in hopes of life-changing encounter.

What to expect from Wheel of Fortune slot games

$5 Wheel Of Fortune Progressive Jackpot

With big money wheel opportunities and enormous progressive jackpots, the money swings on many WoF slots will also be substantial. Money will come and money will go. And perhaps it’ll come again, but it won’t be slow.

Wheel Of Fortune Progressive Jackpot

Players may well sit down at one of these machines with only 20 to 30 credits and go on a long dry streak. But if that luck does come, it’s entirely reasonable for $20 to become $500 within a matter of minutes. Either way, WoF slot machines are not for the faint of heart.

Wheel Of Fortune Jackpots Vegas

Hinged to a game show that has been successful for over 40 years, these slots don’t seem to have any end in sight. A solid game with potential for huge money, fun times, and the intrigue of a life-altering progressive jackpot will never have trouble finding players waiting to be the next winner.