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Playing a vintage 3 reel slot machine made by the Watling Mfg. Company.I WILL BUY your vintage old Mills, Jennings, Caille, Pace and Watling Slot machine.I a. Jackpot freeroll bet365. 25 Cent Watling Rol-A-Top “Bird Of Paradise” Twin Jackpot Slot Machine circa 1935 A Rol-A-Top is considered the King of Slot Machines for any collector.

Before & After Restoration Of a Classic 5c Watling Rol-A-Top Coin Front Slot Machine by Nations Attic
I am always ecstatic to restore a Watling Cherry front, aWatling Rol-A-Top, a Watling Rol-A-Tor, or a Watling Bird of Paradise back toits original brilliance.A lot of theWatling machines are no longer in good original condition.When the antique slot machine is too far frombeing in original condition, I feel very privileged to have the opportunity towork on the machine.
I have personally restored numerous Watling slot machines.Once the castings are strippedof all the old paint and buffed to a high shine, the castings then need to becleaned of all buffing material.Ittruly is necessary to take your time in doing an excellent cleaning job, beforeany painting can occur.
Close-Up Of Rare Cherry Front Rol-A-Top Before & After Restoration By Nations Attic

Back in the day, Watling used a paint that was iridescent orsomewhat see through.The castings needto be very clean and buffed to a high shine, for the iridescent paint to reallyreveal the beauty of the castings.TheWatling Cherry front would have had a red iridescent paint on the cherries,while the coins on a Watling Rol-A-Tor, Watling Rol-A-Top or Watling Bird ofParadise would have had a gold iridescent paint.
Close-Up Of A Watling Rol-A-Top Bird of Paradise With Original Factory Gold Paint
We have the capability to reproduce both the red and goldiridescent paint.We are proud to saythat we specialize in factory correct restorations.We strive to make the machines as perfect asthey were when they left the factory back in time.
Don teases me at times, because I want every machine to beas perfect as it possibly can be.Ialmost obsess over each and every detail that goes into making a machine asperfect as possible.I know that ourcustomers treasure their machines and I treat them as I would treat my ownmachines.I care for all of the machinesthat we ever handle and sometimes I begin to feel attached to them.That is why he teases me!

Watling Slot Machine Stand

Example Of A US Coin Front Rol-A-Top Lower Casting Before & After Detailed Restoration by Nations Attic
I really wish I could go back in time to speak with thepeople working in the Watling manufacturing facility.I would want to speak with the designers,mechanics, wood workers, painters, hand painters, operators, sales team,marketing personnel and so forth.
Often, we will get in a machine and the paint is notperfectly straight or a decal may have been slapped on the side of the wood ina crooked position.Basically, themachine would show some kind of ‘rush’ action during the building of themachine.It always makes me wonderwhy.If only we could hear stories aboutthese machines being built and the need to get them out as fast aspossible.
Don reminds me that when these machines were beingmanufactured they were a device to make money, not a family heirloom, familystory or a collectible.Yes, that doesput things into perspective.
However, I do know how to properly restore a Watling machine.Once the iridescent paint is onthe castings, I hand paint everything else.This is important, because when a casting has been buffed to a highshine, sometimes it is difficult for paint to adhere.Plus, they hand painted the machines back inthe day!I have my method down (which isa secret) and I take lots and lots of time carefully hand painting.It is crucial to take your time to havestraight lines and NO brush strokes.
The Oak Cabinet, Back Bonnet and Other Parts Get The Same First Classic Treatment As The Front On This Rol-A-Top
I also have my secrets on properly finishing the woodcabinet.You definitely cannot rush!
At this time, Don and I do not own a Watling Cherry front,Watling Rol-A-Tor, Watling Rol-A-Top or Watling Bird of Paradise in ourpersonal collection.I truly would loveto own one of these wonderful machines.If you happen to have one, I am definitely a buyer.Or if you have a machine that needs to berestored or repaired, I am more than happy to send you some photos of the workwe have completed on some other machines.

Antique 5 Cent Slot Machine

Oh, and if you or anyone in your family worked for theWatling company, we would be beyond thrilled to hear your stories and see anyphotos you might have available! Please call us at 316-371-1828 or email [email protected]
Also, please click on any of the photos in this blog to view the photos in more detail.

So you like a gamble.

Take a look at this photograph, taken by Mark Bialek. I found the photo on a website for antique slot machines called Old Time Slots. What a selection of beautiful slots. I guess all of them, one-armed bandits. In my opinion, they put these modern slots to shame. Soulless pieces of junk with a pixelated screen. Sure the sound resembles coins being paid out, but you get a receipt rather than a handful of cold, hard cash.

Watling Slot Machine Parts

The yellow one in the middle looks like 1936 Watling Rol-A-Top. The pink one to the right is 1937 Mills Melon Jackpot. Superb. While the slot machine on the left looks like a 1929 Mills/National Jackpot.

Who wouldn't want one of those in their living room? To be honest, I'd like all three.

Much has changed in the gambling industry in recent decades. The internet opened the door for many platforms such as Online Casino Deutschland who give the best free bets and spins for those who don't want to leave the comfort of their home or don't have a Mills Melon Jackpot sitting next to their chair.

Watling Rol A TopI have always wanted to buy one of these old slot machines. I say that in preference to so many of the old fruit machines and especially these new ones. They are built on psychological research to get you playing more. That one reason why unlike the old days it is nearly impossible to understand what constitutes a win. A very clever ploy. So you think you have won much more often that you have.

Betting on these modern fixed odds betting terminals as they call them is bad news. Even the name sounds as comfortable as sitting on a chair covered with broken glass. Compare these to the old-style slot machines.

It is like sipping champagne to someone with a pint of lager. I know a lot of you like lager and I've had a few pints myself.

When betting it always pays to think about the consequences and be careful. Betting fixed odds can never be more than fun betting. Why? Because long term you cannot win betting fixed odds. It's not skill based unless you know a way of cheating.

Watling Rol-a-top Las Vegas

Watling Blue Seal Slot Machine

I am pretty sure I'll have one of these old slot machines in the next few years. Convert it to taking pound coins and keep it as a money box. If you want to come round and play it and will some loot that's fine with me (joke). It's illegal unless you have a licence. But if you lose please don't cry over my chrome machine and seize up its arm.

Watling Rol A Top Slot Machine


Watling Rol A Tor Slot Machine

That's just not sporting at all.