Video Poker Wild


WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS VIDEO POKER! Casino poker action and jackpot thrills are FREE — and right at your fingertips online of offline!—in the world’s best video poker app. Win big on authentic video. – This deuces wild video poker game app has bonus coins that are one of the best casino bonuses available compare to other online casino games. For the users who are new to Video Poker: Video poker is a casino game based on five-card draw poker.

Video poker deuces wild strategy
Pay Table
Natural Royal Flush pays 250XFull House pays 8X
Five of a Kind pays 100XFlush pays 7X
Royal Flush (with Joker) pays 50XStraight pays 5X
Straight Flush pays 50XThree of a Kind pays 2X
Four of a Kind pays 20XTwo pair pays 1X
  • To CHANGE your bet before the draw, MAX out the bet, then click a BET button 3 times. Bet will go to zero.
  • If you go broke, just use your browser's RELOAD or REFRESH button or exit the game and then return.

Jokers Wild

Video Poker City Deuces Wild

Jokers Wild is one of a large group of five-hand card games called draw poker. These games provide players with an opportunity of discarding some, or all of their five dealt cards in the hope that they will receive better cards in the next round. The game of poker itself has uncertain origins, but is likely to have been brought by foreign sailors from France and Germany, or possibly even Persia who ended up visiting the United States on their global travels. The game gained marked popularity during the American civil war and consolidated itself in the southern United States, especially in the area of the Mississippi where it was played on the paddle steamers traversing the great Mississippi river.The Jokers Wild variation adds one joker card into the pack of 52 which can represent any card chosen by the lucky person fortunate enough to receive this bonus. Statistics indicate that poker players are likely to receive the wild joker card once in every 10 deals of the cards. Following the initial placement of bets, or ante, each player then receives five cards face down. Players examine their cards, and then have the opportunity of replacing any or all of the cards in their hand. Some house rules specify that only a maximum or three or four cards can be changed or four on presentation of an ace in hand.

Having received a second hand, players then present their cards to the table. As the odds of winning are increased, due to the addition of the joker wild card, so the odds of payout are adjusted. In addition, players must possess a minimum of two pairs of cards up to queens, or single pairs of kings or aces.

Jokers Wild is an excellent game for beginners as no round betting takes place after the draw. The game lends itself to quick fire play, and has been adapted for computer online video game play. This variant, often called 'poker with a joker' is one of the most common video poker games played today.

Free Deuces Wild Poker

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