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The current legal status for playing real money online poker in the United States continues to evolve every year. So far, Nevada, New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania have launched state-regulated online poker gambling options to their residents and visitors. And we expect more states to. When you join one of the top USA real money online poker sites listed on CardsChat.com, you will find lots of easy-to-beat players. You can use simple and secure banking options such as credit &.

Quick Introduction to Online Poker in the USA

The perception of United States poker sites is undergoing a dramatic change. Online poker sites for players in the States which were once considered to be ‘Ponzi schemes’ run by criminals for the pleasure of degenerates are now becoming licensed, regulated and accepted as a welcome income stream for both state and federal government.

As the pace of these changes accelerate, players are often left in the dark about whether it is legal or not to play Internet poker in the United States – with the Statute Books of many States containing laws which could be interpreted as both encouraging online poker in the US while at the same classifying it as a misdemeanor.

Our site intends to bring some clarity to the situation and advise players not only what poker web sites in the United States are available for them to play on, but where the best poker bonuses exist to maximize the potential for turning playing poker online in the US into a profitable experience.

Let´s Start with the Best US Friendly Poker Sites in 2021

The following is a list of US poker sites that accept players who reside in jurisdictions which “allow” online poker in the US. By “allow” we mean:-

  • States which welcome online poker in the US with open arms – whether or not laws have yet been passed regulating online poker sites for players in the States
  • States in which Internet poker in the United States is tolerated because the jurisdiction is looking to regulate it sometime in the future (and tax it!),
  • And States where playing on poker sites in the United States is considered a misdemeanor, but the penalties are so small that law enforcement officers have something better to do.

There are exceptions to the above criteria (indicated as necessary) and for a full list of where Internet poker in the United States is “allowed”, please refer to our list at the bottom of the page.

Americas Cardroom

100% Match Bonus up to $1,000

This patriotically-named web site is the largest individual poker room in the Winning Poker Network – the network considered the quickest for cashouts after a win. Although relatively small compared to some of the bigger United States poker sites listed below, Americas Cardroom offers one of the easiest online poker bonuses to clear among all the online poker sites for players in the States (except for Kentucky, Maryland or Washington).


25% bonus on Sportsbook Deposits

Similar to SportsBetting above, BetOnline offers the best bonuses to its sports betting, racebook and casino clients (the site also has a mobile app for its sports betting clients) but there is plenty of value to be had against the weak level of sports bettors that drift onto the real money poker tables after a win and the online poker tournaments which have guaranteed prize pools. Again, everybody is welcomed to play Internet poker in the United States at BetOnline.

SportsBetting Poker

25% bonus on Sportsbook Deposits

SportsBetting is predominantly a sports betting and racebook site which offers Internet poker in the United States as a side-attraction. Consequently the standard of play is not spectacularly good and (despite some valuable guaranteed prize poker tournaments) the level of traffic at the poker tables is nothing to write home about. There are no restrictions on where players can originate from within the States to take advantage of this easy site.

The Future of Internet Poker in the United States

The situation regarding at which US poker sites you can play poker online is changing quickly, and you can keep up to date with the changes by bookmarking unitedStatesPokerSites.com and returning frequently. My name is Curt, and you can contact me if you have any questions. Be sure to also check out my poker blog here with the latest poker news and promotions!

The Legality of US Facing Poker Sites

The legality of United States poker sites is sometimes questioned after the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (‘UIEGA’ 2006) and ‘Black Friday’ (April 2011) – the date on which PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker were closed down. However, after the Department of Justice acknowledged that online poker in the US was not in contravention of the 1961 Wire Act, PokerStars took a financial slap on the wrist and acquired all the assets of Full Tilt Poker in return.

PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and any other poker web sites in the United States that continued to provide a service after UIEGA have been labeled ‘bad actors’ and barred from several States who are regulating online poker in the US. However, this is more due to the pressure of brick and mortar casinos that want to be the leading players when Internet poker in the United States is properly licensed and has nothing to do with any federal law making online poker sites for players in the States illegal.

Is it Legal To Play Online Poker If You Are From the US?

Although no federal law exists which determines the legality of United States poker sites, several States have taken it upon themselves to introduce legislation which either approves selected poker web sites in the United States or makes playing online poker in the US illegal.

United States Poker Sites

You can see which poker sites accept players from your state to play online poker for real money, at this awesome page here at pokerSites.us. Our list below provides an overview of where Internet poker in the United States is legal, where it is “allowed” (please see our definition above for what constitutes “allowed”) and were you may get more than your wrists slapped for playing poker online.

Get a Game HereGet it QuietlyDon´t Get It at All
IdahoIllinoisSouth Carolina
NevadaNew York
New HampshireTexas
New JerseyWisconsin
New MexicoWyoming
North Carolina
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota
West Virginia
DC (naturally)

(*) In Colorado, it is only an offense to play online poker in the US if you make a noise doing it. So going on tilt and causing a breach of the peace might find you on the wrong side of the law. Ocean magic slot online.

Footnote – In Pennsylvania, online poker in the US is still technically illegal, but the penalty for failing to declare your online winnings on your tax return is much higher!


Good luck at the tables!

Online gaming today is more fast-paced than ever before for U.S players. And we are not just talking about the fact that Internet speeds are faster, and more accessibility is there than ever before. We are also talking about the fact that more and more states are jumping on the notion of legal online poker in United States. Currently, online poker can be played legally by all 50 states in some form at various websites, and it's important for players to understand the options that are out there for them.

We do our best to talk about the topic of playing online poker legally in the U.S., and educating our readers about the process to do so. The good news is that with online gaming in general perceived as being a much more legitimate practice, the choices are better and better in this competitive industry. Find out where and how U.S. players can participate in legal online poker games in the United States, including specific sites where Americans can sign up for an account.

Where Can I Play Online Poker In The United States?

Think online poker can't be done but only in a few states where it's starting to be regulated by the states? Think again. Despite the fact that a very public downfall of American poker sites may lead people to think that it is in some way illegal, actually playing online poker is not illegal. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the law itself. The law is on the side of the poker player, which allows Americans to get in on a great deal of online poker action.

Speaking generally, U.S. players have a choice when it comes to selecting an online poker site that will allow them to play poker for real-money. It's just as if you were sitting in a live poker room in Las Vegas, or in one that is licensed in your state, only the experience here is virtual, and you can play from your computer with the downloaded software.

BetOnline Poker Room

BetOnline Poker offers players some of the best games of poker they've ever had, and gain a poker deposit bonus of 100% up to $500 while enjoying themselves. BetOnline puts the same high quality into their poker room as they do into all of their other sections, so you know you are getting nothing but the best.

BetOnline offers sit and go tournaments on on a daily basis and large cash tournaments frequently as well, which always result in large cash prizes for the big winners. Visit BetOnline Poker

SportsBetting Poker

A variety of great guaranteed poker tournaments awaits any player choosing to go with SportsBetting.ag. This poker room creates fields where tournament prizes are in the thousands of dollars. They say right on site that there is $150,000 in guaranteed money that is won by players every month.

SportsBetting.ag tournaments are some of the best you will find, and trust us we know from experience with playing many different poker sites and reviewing many others as well. But it goes the same with great cash games as well. SportsBetting.ag has a variety of different cash games to get in on, for a bunch of different amount at tables. Visit SportsBetting Poker

Legal U.S. Poker RoomsU.S.A. + StatesDeposit PromotionsFull REVIEW PLAY NOW
BetOnline PokerYes - 50 States15% to 25% / $900 Each
SportsBetting PokerYes - 50 StatesUp To 25% Each Deposit
5Dimes PokerYes - 50 StatesNo Bonuses For Poker

Are Online Poker Sites Legal In The USA?

Offshore poker sites where the base of operation is not in the United States are legal for American players. Furthermore, more states are forming legislation allowing legalized online poker to be regulated. This includes states like Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. It also appears that more states are leading toward poker regulation on the Internet in the future as well.

Online gambling laws in the United States are interesting though, especially at the federal level. Most of them actually pertain to sports betting only, but online poker site operation is covered. The one thing about the legislation is that at the state level things seem to be changing rapidly.

U.S.A. Online Poker Laws

The main law at the federal level concerning online poker is the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006. This law doesn't expressly forbid the playing of Internet poker though as it merely encompasses what the operation of such a site entails. It's actually quite interesting, and leaves open the possibility for players to participate in online poker still, especially if you play online poker for free. For more information on this law and others affecting online poker, please visit our page about online poker laws in the U.S.

Age To Play Online Poker - Know Your Local Age To Gamble

State laws come into play a lot in terms of online poker, but no more so than with the legal age. The gambling age is not a federal law, it's a state law. There is not one consistent gambling age, though it is either 18 or 21. But what we mean is that different states will have a different age, so it's important to know how old you have to be.

Depositing Into Online Poker Sites - UIGEA of 2006

The ways in which American players are able to legally deposit into online poker sites can be affected by the UIGEA. This is because financial institutions are required to block any transactions sent to an offshore business for the purpose of gambling, or in this case, online poker games. This doesn't always happen, but fortunately, online poker sites will have several ways in which a deposit can be made.

Why You Should Stick With The Sites We Recommend:

One quick Internet search about online poker sites that have Texas Hold 'em + other games, and you will be given a great many of them at your disposal. But not all poker rooms are created equal. We know that there are some to be trusted, and some that aren't.

Best United States Poker Sites

These sites we list on here for you, we can vouch for. Some of the other sites that you might find could be just fine, but we can say for sure the sites we've reviewed exhibit everything that we look for when assessing a quality poker room. So check them out, and see if they're right for you.