The Bonus Boosts

Sportsbooks are ringing in the New Year with plenty of great offers for the final week of the 2020-21 NFL regular season.

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The Bonus Boosts St Helens

Here is a look at all of the top sportsbook offers/odds boosts for NFL Week 17.

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DraftKings Sportsbook

Deposit bonus up to $500: New users at DraftKings Sportsbook will receive a 20% deposit bonus up to $500. All you have to do is make a $5 minimum deposit.

Sign up for DraftKings Sportsbook here.

Here is a look at DraftKings Sportsbook odds boosts for Week 17:

  • 8-8 Bears Make the Playoffs – Packers to win, Cardinals to lose: +285
  • Colts to win the AFC South – Colts to win, Titans to lose: +360
  • 6-10 NFC East Champs – Giants to win, Washington to lose: +380
  • Ravens to miss the playoffs – Colts and Browns to win, Ravens to lose: +950

DraftKings Sportsbook is live in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Indiana, West Virginia, New Hampshire, Iowa, Illinois and Tennessee. Online sports betting in Michigan will also soon be live. New players can get a $200 bonus offer by signing up early at DraftKings Sportsbook in Michigan.

FanDuel Sportsbook

Risk-Free Bet up to $1000 in site credit: If you lose your first bet, FanDuel Sportsbook will refund you up to $1000.

Same Game Parlay Insurance: Place a 3+ leg same-game parlay on any sport and if only one leg loses, you’ll get a refund up to $25 in site credit.

NFL Gridiron Pick ’em: Just pick the winners of the week’s matchups correctly and you’ll take home your share of the $5,000 grand prize.

The longest shot: Place a $1 or more same-game parlay on any sport and if it wins and has the week’s longest odds, get a $5,000 bonus in site credit.

Sign up for FanDuel Sportsbook now by going here.

Here are FanDuel’s odds boosts for Week 17:

  • McAfee’s Boost – JJ Watt Combined 4+ tackles (including sacks): +250
  • Cowboys, Browns, and Washington all to win: +360


Risk-Free First Bet up to $500: New customers start with a risk-free bet up to $500 at BetMGM. All you have to do is sign up, make a deposit and make your first wager. If the bet loses, you will receive the amount of your wager back in free bets.

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BetMGM also has a phenomenal in-game betting option where you can get $20 in free bets immediately. Just wager $50 or more in-play and receive the bonus.

Opt-in to bet the First Touchdown Scorer in a game risk free. If the player doesn’t score the first TD, get back the bet as site credit, up to $20.

Pick 3 TD Challenge: Guess the correct first TD scorer in one game and get a $5 free bet. Pick 2 first TD scorers correct and receive a $10 free bet. If you go 3-for-3, you’ll get a $100 free bet.

Here are the current promoted parlays for NFL Week 17:

  • Colts, Saints, Lions all to win: +375
  • Chargers, Bills and Ravens all to win: +190
  • Cowboys, Dolphins and Chiefs all to win: +1000
  • Bears, Titans and Cardinals all to win: +525
  • Raiders, Seahawks and Rams all to win: +500
  • Packers, Broncos and Washington all to win: +450

BetMGM will soon be going live in Michigan. Those in the state who want to sign up for BetMGM online sports betting now can go here to get a $200 pre-launch bonus.


Risk-Free First Bet up to $500: Place your first real money bet and if it loses, FOX Bet will match it as a free bet up to $500.

Sign up for FOX Bet here.

Get $5 Free: When you bet $10 on parlays.

There are dozens of odds boosts available for Week 17 action. Here are the promoted boosts for the Washington-Philly season finale:

  • Each team 2 or more TDs and 1 or more FGs: +100
  • Jalen Hurts 1 or more passing TDs and 1 or more rushing TDs: +200
  • Jalen Hurts and Alex Smith 2 or more passing TDs each: +600
  • Miles Sanders to score a TD in the first quarter: +600
  • Final score – Philadelphia 23, Washington 21: +10000


PointsBet has a new user offer of 2 Risk-Free Bets up to $1000 Mummies gold no deposit bonus codes 2020. where your first fixed odds bet and your first PointsBetting wager will be refunded as a free bet if those initial bets lose.

PB is also offering a Personal Good Karma Payout for new customers only. All you have to do is place 10 or more cash bets throughout the month of December and at the end of the month, you can email PointsBet with your Bad Beat of the month. The Good Karma team will refund you the wager.

You can sign up for PointsBet now by going here.

Here are PointsBet’s NFL Booster odds for Week 17:

  • Colts to make the playoffs: -200
  • Patrick Mahomes to win MVP: +225
  • Myles Garrett to record more sacks than Mason Rudolph has TDs: +250
  • New York Giants to make the playoffs: +330


Bejeweled Blitz Boosts Upgrades

BetRivers offers a weekly NFL profit boost where you can get a free 50% profit boost every Sunday.

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Here are BetRivers’ odds boosts and parlay offers for NFL Week 17:

  • America’s DREAM?! Cowboys to win, Washington to lose: +265
  • Ravens, Saints, Seahawks all to win: -103
  • Steelers or Bears to win: -106
  • Colts, Browns, Titans all to cover -8.5: +444
  • Allen Robinson to record 75+ receiving yards, 1+TD: +215
  • Philip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers to record over 4.5 combined TD passes: +125

Legal online sports betting will soon be live in Michigan. To get an early sign-up bonus at BetRivers Michigan go here.

New sportsbook operators in the US are offering new types of wagers to American bettors. An Odds Boost is a popular new term for sports bettors that neither legal sportsbooks nor illegal bookies in America have used before.

The term Odds Boost was introduced to the US market by multiple New Jersey sportsbook operators shortly after sports betting became legal. An Odds Boost promotion is exactly what it sounds like: odds for a game or prop bet are increased on certain wagering opportunities.

How Odds Boost works

Some sportsbooks will regularly offer customers better (boosted) odds on a few different wagers. An Odds Boost opportunity could be a sportsbook increasing the payout for a moneyline, point spread or totals (over/under) bet on a certain game. Additionally, sportsbook operators may also offer increased odds to customers on a certain player or team prop.

All sportsbooks build in a house edge for each wager to help ensure they make a profit (it doesn’t always go that way, but that’s another story). This built-in advantage for the casino is often called the vig (or vigorish).

An Odds Boost always moves the odds in the favor of the bettor. The sportsbook operator will give up some or all of the vig for these specific wagers. There are times where the odds are boosted enough that the sportsbook operator will actually forgo their entire house edge for a specific event.

Get the Best Current Odds Boosts at Online Sportsbooks

Where and when to find an odds boost

Bejeweled Blitz Boosts Guide

Odds boost promotions are limited time offers. They tend to be a platform for sportsbook operators to highlight games happening on the day or night of the Odds Boost. These opportunities are usually geared toward the most popular game(s) of the day.

DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetStars each offer daily Odds Boost promotions. Bettors can find the special wagering opportunities on Twitter and on the website or app for each sportsbook operator.

Sports bettors looking for an edge might want to compile a special Twitter list just for sportsbooks who offer daily odds boosts. This will be an easy way to get reminders for the daily odds boost and other random promotions.

Is an Odd Boost a good bet?

Thebonusboosts St Helens Gb

Sportsbooks and casinos aren’t in the business of giving the gambler an advantage. Odds Boost may or may not present a good bet for the gambler. While some wagering opportunities might offer 0% vig, others might only reduce the house edge for the sportsbook.

Sports bettors are always looking for a fair bet. The lower the vig, the better the opportunity can be. Odds Boost can provide sports bettors with the fairest wagering opportunities. That said, not every Odds Boost opportunity is a good bet for everyone.

Complex multi-event proposition wagers might reduce the house edge but increase variance making the bet more difficult to win. Better odds might lessen the edge but the different parameters might not make the bet a good one.

A sportsbook might offer Odds Boost for prop bet that has a basketball player scoring at least a number of point AND their team winning. An example might be a prop bet of LeBron James scoring 40 AND the Los Angeles Lakers winning the game.

You won’t get rich on any single Odds Boost bet. The wagering limits on these opportunities might be low since these opportunities are geared towards recreational gamblers.