Skill Games For Money

The websites that host skill games make money by taking a small fee out of every real money match. For example, keeps 25% of every entry fee with the remaining 75% going straight to the players. So if you play in a $5 match against someone else, $3.75 will go towards the prize pool. DAILY TOURNAMENTS. Earn a living doing what you love! Only 2% of game developers reach break-through success, and the Skillz platform enables the other 98% to create long-term sustainable businesses. Across all major genres.

I’ve put together a popular Skillz games list. These games will all use your same login information, Ticketz, and cash balance. Find the one that fits you best and start winning money like I do!

Bubble Shooter! Tournaments

Bubble Shooter! Tournaments is a fun classic bubble game with multiplayer competitions for cash and prizes. It’s no wonder why it’s #1 on the Skillz games list.

Challenge people around the world with Skillz, a competition platform.

Spider Solitaire Cube


Number 2 on the Skillz games list is Spider Solitaire Cube is one of the most fun solitaire variants around. Game play is fast and you can solve almost any deck with a little patience. The quick head to head mode changes the game from a slow paced time-waster to an ultra-addictive time destroyer. Play for fun or play for cash (where allowed by law).

Solitaire Cube

Rediscover a classic in an even more addictive package. Solitaire Cube is FAST. Don’t let the fact it’s #3 on the Skillz games list fool you! The quick head to head mode changes the game from a slow paced time-waster to an ultra-addictive time destroyer. Play for fun or play for cash (where allowed by law).


A fast, fun puzzle game that’s simple to learn, but hard to master. Play for fun or play for cash (where allowed by law). Ironically not number 3 on the Skillz games list!

Strike! Real Money Bowling

Bowl for cash with Strike! Real Money Bowling.

This special edition of Strike! Ten Pin Bowling features the Skillz game platform. This Skillz game list doesn’t go in order by how popular they are by the way!

Real Money Pool

#1 Most realistic pool game on iOS. Play pool as it should be played, for real, with stunning 3D graphics and the most accurate and realistic pool physics available on mobile!

Question Cube

A fast, fun quiz game for people who like to be right.
Or play for cash. You can do that too (where allowed by law).

Mini Golf Stars

Love the puzzling nature of putt putt golf? Mini Golf Stars offers the closest golf simulation since Golden Tee Golf. Smooth and Precise touch controls let you feel the greens and sink that clutch birdie putt to earn 3 STARS!

Flick It! Basketball

Online Skill Games For Money

Basketball and arcade fans rejoice! 100% FREE TO PLAY! Play with your friends or complete strangers!

Collect basketball coins, Beat the buzzer, and unlock new stuff in this classic arcade game! Show the world how good your shot is, and make buckets!

Diamond Strike

Diamond Strike. The most popular matching game with multiplayer competitions for cash prizes!

Challenge people around the world with Skillz, the #1 competition platform on mobile. Compete with cash or virtual currency for prizes, and get rewarded just for playing!

Cubis For Cash


Do you love match 3 games? Do you love money? Now is your chance to combine these two loves in one exciting game which is unlike anything else available on the App Store. Experience Cubis for Cash, where fast fingers and keen eyes can earn you loads of real cash in live tournaments!


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Over 700 million people use the internet every day. The internet is the only source for all our questions these days. Our queries fall into the internet for seeking answers. The popularity of internet has created a new dimension in the category of gaming. These days online gaming has also popularized and now it has become a new trend because of the colossal use of internet. Playing skill games for money is now a popular and convenient way of having fun and building skills.

Skill games for money are different from most other games because they focus challenges which are not based on luck or bet. They test things like quick thinking, timing, and knowledge. Your ability to think and to perform is challenged when you are playing skilled games for money. The outcome of skill games for money is determined by mental or physical skill, rather than chance. When playing a skill game, you must power up all your ability. You ought to have good strategy perceptions to win the game as well as willpower. Knowledge about the game and the way to connect the game to the tactics is important for better gaming. Physical skills may include fast reaction or dexterity of the gamer when gaming. There are many skill games available and a lot of websites and apps which allow people to compete against each other. Skill games for money is not gambling, it is a competition between two people with the same type of skill.


Inbygone times there were small boxes set up in a park or a restaurant where wecan set in a coin to activate a PAC-MAN game or a Pinball game. These boxeswere the beginning of arcade games in the ’70s. Later Arcade games always keptits growing phase in the going. Video games are then taken out to a new levelby computer-based gaming. Arcade games became the favorite to the people topass their free time. Now Arcade games can be played online from your PC. Thearcade boxes once we played in parks and restaurant corners are now taken inand played in PCs. The gamer can play the arcade game as multiplayer withdifferent opponent every day and you can win scores and money encountering diverseplayers online.

Arcade games are based on the games that are once played as classic arcades. They are 2D and have different themes for different game categories. The categories for arcade games are platform games, shooter games, fighting games, space games etc. These days there are more genres coming forth in the new age of gaming. Some arcade games are of fighting and some are focused on dodging obstacles and scoring points. The best part of arcade games are the power-ups and different bonus point situations which will give the gamer great involvement in the game. Arcade games categories are platform games, shooter games, fighting games and, space games etc., Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken etc., are in the genre of fighting games. The games like PAC-MAN, Fix It Felix Jr will fall into the category of platform games. In shooting games, there are so many games that we may have played like the Terminator, Virtual Cop, Lethal Enforcers etc. Star Wars, Asteroid, Space Invaders, Galaxian, etc. drop into the class of space games. There are more and more arcade games with greater graphics and improved technicality released day-by-day to the world of arcade gaming. The latest arcade game released is Ori and the Will of the Wisps, Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince, Beat Saber etc.



Everythingis a puzzle in our daily life. Everyday tasks that we do is a puzzle, where wemust make the right choice to make the right paraphernalia. The ability to chase down the hardest puzzlechallenges is a skill and that skill is necessary to play a puzzle game. Inskill games, Puzzle games play a vital role in using your brain to solvechallenges that are harder over time. A puzzle game is a problem or a complextest of a person’s ingenuity. In a puzzle game, the person who solves thepuzzle is called ‘Solver’ and he is expected to put the puzzles together in alogical way in order to complete the puzzle. A puzzle creates challenges in theperson’s brain, and he needs to recreate the pieces of the puzzle in ameaningful way.

There are different genres of puzzles, such as crossword puzzles, word game puzzle, relational puzzles, number puzzles, logical puzzles etc. Puzzle games are both simple and hard to play, they only require little more than pointing and clicking to move and select pieces, tiles or objects. These games genres provide the gamer with a vivid variety of challenges for a person who likes to play puzzle games. Tetris, Riven, Limbo, Braid, Threes, Monument Valley etc. are some of the famous puzzle games of all time. There are so many puzzle games that can be played online like Word Search, Trizzle, Sudoku, The Daily Jigsaw etc. Multiplayer puzzle games can be played online, and you can challenge your friends and beat them by scoring or solving puzzles and earn money. Online puzzles can be single player or multiplayer. There are websites and mobile apps for playing online puzzles games. Room 3, Playaway Camp, FRAMED, Deus EX GO. are some mobile apps which you can play online games using your mobile phones. Puzzle games are a great skill game genre for making some real money.


We have seen so many card games that need a certain key skill to play the game. Card games will help you make money by playing it online. The player should be inevitable to play card games. The strategy and willpower are questioned in this genre of skill games for money because the player must use his knowledge. Usually, card games are played in casinos but now we can play online card games where you can win money. The games like Free Online Bridge, Bridge Classic, Pyramid Solitaire, Spider etc. are some card games. When we are playing card games online there will be a lot of players from all over the world. Card games are played for money and for winning a prize. There are so many mobile apps to play card games. The real casino experience is provided by the card games which we play online in our PC or mobile. Card games are played in multiplayer. There will be opponents to play against us and we must produce our skills to the virtual table where you are playing and win money.


When you are filled with small information and knowledge you ought to try trivia games. Trivia games help you to learn more from playing and you can measure your own knowledge by playing Trivia games. Trivia Quiz games are a type of games in which players can play an individual or as a team. The game will ask questions about topics that you can select like Movie Trivia, Logo Trivia, Daily IQ Trivia etc. and they must get as many correct answers as possible in a given period. Every Trivia game we play needs a certain skill. QuizUp is a mobile application which is a very popular Trivia game developed by Plain Vanilla Games. QuizUp is a multiplayer game in which one user competes for another during several rounds of time-based multi-choice of various topics. There are also different trivia apps like HQ Trivia, Jeopardy, Trivia Crack, Trivia 360, Psyche etc. by playing trivia games you can acquire knowledge and your knowledge is challenged by your opponents.

Fish Skill Games For Real Money


Ifgames like football or basketball that you love watching allows you to takepart and show your skills as a team. The game that you adore so much gives youa chance to be the person who recruits, change and make the players play andmake money out of your skills. The new age of fantasy sports gives you a greatexperience for users to make their team and play. Fantasy sports is a skillgame for money where the participants assemble imaginary or virtual teams ofreal players of professional sport. The game is based on the statisticalperformance of the players in actual games. Best live cash game poker players games. The performance of an individualplayer in the real game is tracked and converted into points that are cachedand summed up according to a list selected by each fantasy team’s manager. Youwill be a fantasy team manager where you can decide the players to play in yourteam. In fantasy sports, team owners draft, trade and cut (drop) players,analogously to real sports.

Thereare so many websites and mobile apps that allow you to play fantasy sports andearn money. The points are updated in real time online and the results arealways tracked. The real aim of the player is to win money or compete withother players. The gamer should be aware of the changes to and the updates ofthe game that he is playing in fantasy sports.


Oneof the most prominent and eminent daily fantasy sports websites. Fanduel is acompany based in New York, providing daily fantasy sports challenges online.Daily 20,000 leagues to choose like PremierLeague, UEFA Champions League, NASCAR Auto racing, NBA, PGA, NLF are put forthfor the contests. The instantaneous pay for this skill game to the userresulted in 1M+ active users for the website and mobile app.


Justlike Fanduel, Draftkings is also a fantasy sports provider a company based inBoston,Massachusetts. DraftKings is amulti-billion-dollar company allowing the users to participate and compete indifferent variety of professional and college sports. Major leagues can beplayed in the DraftKings. Major American sports leagues are provided byDraftKings like MLB, NHL, NLF, NBA, PGA etc., They also provide English PremierLeague and UEFA Champions League. DraftKings is a skill game for money whereyou will get instant pay for your winning.


There are different leagues and so many football fans all over the world. With thousands of users from all over the world, Hattrick is the most leading soccer manager game right on the web. The easy features and the simplicity of the game gave it good popularity to Hattrick. Only you must do is build a team and be the coach it over. The key idea and conquest of the game are to build your tactics to each game that you must compete. The support and active users will create a great time to play Hattrick.


Skill Games For Real Money

Skillgames for money will test your ability and churn you to make out the best skillin you considered to the type of games you are playing. The games will create away of testing your knowledge and earn you money. These days online games arevery popular among people who are crazy about new games and people who look upgaming as a productive fact to make money. Gaming has become a natural timepasser for all and now you can make money out of it. The new and modern gameswill give the users an enjoyable time to play those games and be productive.The new age games like Player Unknowns BATTLE UNDERGROUND (PUBG), APEX LEGENDS,FORTNITE etc. has changed the perspective of online gaming in the gamers. Thein-app purchases and the gaming tournaments also gives you an opportunity to makemoney playing games.