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Meet the Crazy Willy Wonka Alongside Charlie. Willy Wonka casino slot online is a 5 reel and 40 payline title made by slot developers WMS Gaming. Before you head out on a tour of the chocolate factory alongside Charlie and Mr Willy Wonka, you will first need to set your bets on the play lines. As with all the Willy Wonka slots, there is a golden ticket game where chocolate bars get unwrapped at the end of the feature. The immersive Willy Wonka slots. This theme works brilliantly for casino slots. There are now online slots via Facebook apps to enjoy it too. Willy Wonka Slots is your lucky ticket to FREE authentic, casino-style slot machine games and the iconic cast of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! Spin to win amazing prizes in this scrumptious free slot game! Create your very own garden of crazy Wonka creations in Sweet Candy Crops, our newest mini game. Spin in machines to find the best seeds, plant, grow, and watch the Credits roll in!

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There are now five Willy Wonka slots from Scientific Games / Bally based on the Willy Wonka movie. These have characters and designs in common – with each game becoming more spectacular and immersive than the one before. The latest Willy Wonka slot games have screens that curve around you, as well as surround sound and hand motion detectors that allow you to interact with the display.

These are all based on the 1971 movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. While this movie looks dated by today’s standards, at the time the ‘Technicolor’ and special effects were state of the art. Add in an iconic performance from Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka, and you’ll find plenty of material on which to base these entertaining casino slots.

This page covers the slot machines Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, World of Wonka, Pure Imagination, Dream Factory and of course, the Wonkavator slot. These are all found in live casinos in Michigan, Colorado and Atlantic City.

Online slots have loosely covered this theme over the years – none have come close to these impressive live slots.

What the Willy Wonka slots have in common

Before covering the individual games, this section looks at what brings the series together. The surreal sights and sounds of the chocolate factory provides a rich backdrop for all of the games.

Symbols are shared between the titles. In every case Gene Wilder in purple jacket and top hat is the highest paying symbol. He will appear stacked on some games, and in special larger sized symbols too. The characters from the movie are all higher paying symbols. They include Charlie, Grandpa Joe and Verruca Salt.

Oompa Loompas appear in all the games. They don’t feature as symbols, instead having a key role in the random bonuses. You’ll see the reels expand in different ways in the series of slots – and the catchy Oompa Loompa song play too.

All of the Willy Wonka slots have multiple bonus features. A big part of what keeps these games interesting is that you can win several different bonus games. This stops them becoming repetitive. There are picks games, free spins (sometimes with giant symbols) and jackpot games.

At the end of each bonus game, you’ll get to unwrap a chocolate bar, which can reward you with a ‘golden ticket’. This triggers a progressive jackpot.

1. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory slot machine

When you compare the original (in this series) Willy Wonka slot with others on the casino floor it stands up well. Compared to the newer games below, this is the simplest of setups. Instead of curved screens and tall screens that tower above you, this game simply has two standard sized slot monitors.

Scientific Games have used them to good effect. Oompa Loompa’s make their debut, stretching the reels onto the second screen and adding wilds in their base game bonus. There are tall Gene Wilder symbols and all the familiar characters appear on the reels.

Bonus games in the Chocolate Factory slots

Bonuses are triggered by hitting 3 or more of the golden elevator symbols. The elevator then shoots to the upper screen, stopping at one of many different bonus games.

  • Free Spins: These can be for Charlie or Grandpa Joe. You then pick a candy to see how many spins you get. During your spins, giant symbols covering 2 or 3 reels (for whichever character your elevator picked) are added to the reels.
  • Picks Bonuses: Again, based on the characters, you get to pick candies for cash prizes. Some candies make the lower paying ones disappear – others give you an additional pick.
  • Chocolate River Bonus: The boat sails down a virtual river. It passes candies as it goes, which award cash prizes. You’ll stop, get a scene from the movie, before moving through a second tunnel for extra prizes.
  • Cash Awards: Some of the bonuses that the elevator can stop by are simply cash (coins) awards. These might not be immersive like the others, though some awards are on the larger side.

Add to this the golden ticket shot at the end of each bonus (where you unwrap 6 bars) and the Oompa Loompa base game feature, and you’ll see that even the simplest of the Willy Wonka slots has a lot of features.

2. Willy Wonka: Pure Imagination slot machine

The Pure Imagination slot is named after a song from the movie. Like the original it uses dual screen setup. These are big screens. One slopes away from you and the other is upright. The entertaining bonuses take full advantage of the setup.

Oompa Loompas again appear as a random feature in the base game. The reels can expand, with the green-haired creatures building them one row at a time. More Oompa Loompa’s then appear on top of the reels. They can pour sacks of sugar down the reels, turning them wild.

Golden Egg Respins

Bonuses are triggered by a golden egg respin feature. You keep collecting golden eggs until you spin with no more of them appearing. They then fill meters on the upper screen. The eggs then randomly fill meters on the upper screen. The bonus is chosen at random once the eggs are used – the more eggs in each row, the better your bonus. Here are the games:

  • Fizzy Lifting Bonus: Here you choose bubbles (how many depends on the eggs). They float up hitting prizes in the upper part of the cabinet. If you are lucky, you can hit ‘all in row’ to trigger up to 4 prizes at once. The top of the screen has jackpot-sized prizes.
  • Pure Imagination Free Spins: There are two parts to this free spins bonus. First, Oompa Loompa’s bash symbols hanging on wires from top of the screen onto the reels. You then get free spins which include giant symbols. These can cover 3 or more reels completely at times, triggering wins over multiple lines.
  • Veruca Salt Tantrum Bonus: A clip from the ever-greedy Veruca Salt is followed by a series of gifts appearing. You get to keep the results of all of them as the girl keeps demanding ‘more!’.

After each bonus you’ll unwrap chocolate bars in this version of the ‘Golden Ticket’ bonus. Hitting that golden ticket wins you $5,000.

3. World of Wonka slot machine

The World of Wonka slots machine has a brand-new screen setup. This sees three screens positioned to curve around the player. There is an additional screen above them, with a bonus wheel on top of that – making for an impressive looking cabinet. This game also includes motion sensor technology. When you hit a big win, you get to pop candies by waving your hands.

The curved screen makes for an entertaining random Oompa Loompa bonus. As their song starts, the creatures appear either side of the reels, stretching them out. Others then appear with ropes, adding rows. Wilds move in groups across the screen. Topping it all is a cart/train at the end that can give you win multipliers.

Everlasting Gobstoppers trigger the Wonka Winko bonuses

You trigger the bonus with everlasting gobstopper symbols. Two gets a respin, with 3 or more triggering a ‘Wonka Winko’ game above the reels. Here are the bonuses that can result from this:

  • Free Spins: These come with giant symbols, which can cover the entire reels held between mechanical arms and pulleys. These can be Charlie, Grandpa Joe or even the highest paying Willy Wonka symbols. Graphics for this bonus are as impressive as the big win potential.
  • Chocolate River: This is a picks bonus. You choose candies on the river, choosing whether to pick from the lower risk/lower reward close ones or those with higher risk further away.
  • Bonus Wheel: You can win a huge progressive via this wheel, which also has some generous coin wins. Note that you can also win the progressive on the reels, with special Gene Wilder symbols with the word ‘jackpot’ on them.

As with the other slots in this range, you’ll unwrap a chocolate bar at the end of each bonus to see if you get a golden ticket.

4. Willy Wonka Dream Factory slots

On top of a carousel of 3 Dream Factory slots you’ll see a 360-degree screen that spins to reveal the bonus features.

This game is a little different to the others. There is no Oompa Loompa base game feature. Instead Veruca Salt appears with an ‘I want it now’ random feature. Her song will start, and the highest paying Gene Wilder/Willy Wonka symbols appear, getting locked onto the screen in different configurations. You then see a wheel which can show ‘good egg’ (another spin) or ‘bad egg’ (game ends).

There is also a jackpot picks game with the everlasting gobstoppers. This is triggered separately from the other bonuses, with a gobstopper on reels 1 and 5. You see an entertaining sequence, then get to pick until you match 3 jackpots. You can also win jackpots with special jackpot symbols on the reels.

Glass Elevator bonus games

Regular bonuses need 3 glass elevators to trigger. The big horizontal wheel on top of the cabinet then spins. Here are the entertaining bonuses that you can win:

  • Juicer Free Spins: This uses the part of the movie where the girl blows up like a giant blueberry as inspiration. It shows mechanical arms holding her over the reels, squeezing to add wilds. You get 8 free spins, with reels that expand towards the end, to enjoy these wild symbols.
  • Wonka Vision: This is another free spins game. This time you get Oompa Loompa symbols overlaid. They expand in different configurations, then turn wild after each spin. More are added as you go along, so the last spins can be very profitable.
  • Fudge Room: The final free spins bonus has pipes filled with fudge to add wilds to the reels. Some of them have 2x wild multipliers.

This is the only Willy Wonka slot without the golden ticket game after the features. This is replaced by 2 different ways of winning a progressive jackpot.

4. Willy Wonka slots: The Wonkavator

This game took the immersive curved screen idea and expanded on it – upwards. The top section of Wonkavator will tower above you. All the familiar elements are in place. This includes the candies and characters on the reels. There is an additional on-reel feature. When you hit a stack of Willy Wonka symbols, you get a respin with that stack turned into wild symbols. This can be worth hitting those times you trigger with multiple stacks.

Oompa Loompas appear again. They expand the reels upwards, making the best use of the tall screen. They then jump onto the reels, which can have wilds going up or down (or in some cases both).

Up to 10 wheel spins with Elevator bonus symbols

To trigger bonuses, you need golden elevator symbols. Bonuses are chosen randomly. You’ll see a mix of free spins, wheel bonuses and bubble picks floating around at the top of the screen. These pop and disappear one at a time, leaving the bonus you receive. Here are the Wonkavator features:

  • Free Spins: These are themed around the characters (or wilds) with giant symbols. You only get 5 spins, though the reels replicate all the way up the cabinet, giving you multiple ways to win. Giant symbols can cover entire sets of reels, or just part of them. Win multipliers can be added at the end.
  • Wheel Bonus: You can win up to 10 wheel spins, or even golden wheels with bigger prizes. You get a choice of how to use those 10 spins by picking a ticket. This can be fewer spins with multipliers, or 10 separate lower-prize spins.
  • Bubble Pick: Here you see Charlie and Grandpa Joe floating up in a bubble tube. You pick bubbles moving them up or down, and winning cash prizes and multipliers. The game ends when they hit the top of the tube.

As with all the Willy Wonka slots, there is a golden ticket game where chocolate bars get unwrapped at the end of the feature.

The immersive Willy Wonka slots

This theme works brilliantly for casino slots. There are now online slots via Facebook apps to enjoy it too. All 5 of the games are entertaining in their own right. You might well come away with the special Oompa Loompa song used for their random bonuses stuck in your head.

The latest games use motion sensors plus a curved cabinet for an immersive experience. With plenty of bonus games on all versions, and progressive jackpots to be won, it is little wonder these slots are so popular in real money casinos all over the country.

WMS Industries produces many of the amazing new slots you will find on casino floors.

These include iconic games such as Willy Wonka slots, 007-themed titles and Lock it Link games.

This company became part of Scientific Games in 2012, along with Shuffle Master and Bally. Together, they have produced hundreds of slots over the years, and many of them you can now enjoy at online casinos in regulated states.

Willy Wonka Slots On Facebook

WMS has come a long way since its early ventures into coin-operated arcade games. We share more about the history of this company here.

If you read further, you will learn how to get the best from WMS’ slots, whether you play them live or online. You will find out more about the unique reel setups and themes, the most popular slot games and which titles are available at online casinos.

Play WMS slot machines at online casinos

Free to play WMS slot games online

What makes the WMS slots stand out?

When you walk into any brick-and-mortar casino, you will see a lot of the WMS slots in prime positions. Examples include the wrap-around effect of some Willy Wonka slots or the big screens that slope for the newest 007-inspired titles.

WMS is a pioneer of unusual reel configurations. These include the double-reel setup of Spartacus, Gladiator, Rome and Lil Red slots under the “colossal reels” banner. Others, like the Elvis-themed slots, have different sizes of reels on each side of the screen.

Filler symbols on many of the WMS slots are shiny gem-like playing card suits. Along with the higher-paying symbols, these often come in long strips (known as stacks) on the reels. Your bigger wins on the WMS slots (other than progressive jackpots) happen when you cover the entire screen with the same symbols.

Willy Wonka Free Slots Casino

To say that WMS has driven innovation in slot game design over the years would be an understatement. This company is at the forefront of slot design, by coming up with multiple new concepts that other slot makers then follow.

Popular live slots from WMS

Willy Wonka

Based on the 1971 movie Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory starring Gene Wilder, this theme of casino slots made an impact in more ways than one.

There are plenty of ideas from this film: The chocolate factory for bonus rounds, Oompa Loompas for base game features and everlasting gobstoppers to trigger the big money subgames.

There are four Willy Wonka slots. The latest two (Pure Imagination and World of Wonka) introduced wider screens. These wrap around you as you sit at the slot, giving an immersive feel. Add an upper screen and dreamy, surreal graphics and the songs from the movie and you will see why Wonka-themed slots are a must-play.

These WMS slots are not yet available online.

007 slots

Each of the James Bond-inspired slots is based on classic films. Again, WMS has not only used the theme; it has innovated the media experience.

Two of the 007-themed slots have giant screens that slope away, with an upper screen for different bonus features.

One includes a Casino Royale theme, which features a chip collection (with elements of hold and spin), plus casino-themed bonus games. The Live and Let Die-themed slot includes voodoo imagery and stars Roger Moore. Sharks and underwater bombs make the free spins more interesting.

Goldfinger takes a different angle. It is a mechanical James Bond slot with a bonus wheel and electronics overlaid on physical symbols.

Monopoly slots from WMS

Several slot makers have games based on the iconic Monopoly board games, including IGT. None are as spectacular or complex as the WMS Industries’ range. These games star Rich Uncle Moneybags (also called Mr. Monopoly), his dog and the familiar playing pieces.

Some have board game bonus rounds and others have collection elements involving houses and hotels. Look out for Monopoly slots with huge progressive jackpots and several games you can enjoy online.

Other themed live slots from WMS

The Willy Wonka– and 007-themed slots are great examples of how WMS produces iconic casino slots. These offerings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to its slots.

Here are some of the other slot games you can enjoy during your next casino visit:

  • Lock it Link: This theme has an innovative twist on hold and spin bonus. You link symbols together and get bigger prizes or jackpots as they “lock.” Titles include Lock it Link Nightlife and Piggy Bankin’ (where you aim to get the biggest possible piggy bank).
  • Heidi’s Bier Haus: This old theme is available at online and live casinos. The live game recently got at an upgrade that includes a wheel bonus, “prost” mode (for extra wild reels) and progressive jackpots. Look out for a brand-new Heidi & Hannah version.
  • Zeus: These come from the classic catalog of WMS and still holds up today. There are five versions of Zeus, and the newest, Zeus III, includes a cone-shaped reel setup. All have multiple wild symbols and free spins.
  • Kronos Unleashed: Another new game is proved hugely popular. Big screens and a hold-and-spin style bonus game with “power-up” symbols make these games an immersive experience. In addition to Kronos, there is now a Zeus version and one based on the mythical Medusa.

There are even more TV tie-ins to add to this slot list:

  • Simpsons
  • Mad Men
  • Seinfeld
  • National Lampoon
  • Star Trek
  • The Flintstones

Where to play online slots from WMS?

If you live in a state with regulated online casinos, you can enjoy WMS slots online. Many will work on both desktop computers and via mobile casino apps. The list of states with regulated online casinos is expanding, and currently includes:

Many casinos in these states offer no deposit welcome bonuses. These are smaller bonuses that you receive simply for signing up. You can check out some of the excellent online slots from WMS and perhaps build a casino bankroll without needing to deposit your money.

If you enjoy online slots, then look out for matched welcome bonuses, loyalty schemes and regular promotions at online casinos in regulated states.

Which slots by WMS are available online?

When you compared WMS to Aristocrat and other slot makers, you will find a more significant percentage of its games have already become available online. These include some more recent games like Kronos Unleashed and Heidi’s Bier Haus, as well as many classics.

Here are some highlights of the WMS slots you can already find at online casinos:

  • Alice & the Mad Tea Party
  • Bruce Lee (including the original and the newer Dragon’s Tale)
  • Cluedo Spinning Detectives
  • Crystal Forest
  • Dancing in Rio
  • Monopoly (including Epic Monopoly II, Mega Movers and Once Around Deluxe)
  • Kiss: Shout it Out Loud
  • Lil Red
  • Lock it Link Nightlife
  • Nemo’s Voyage
  • OMG! Kittens (and the puppies variation)
  • Reel ‘em In
  • Spartacus (including Call to Arms and Gladiator of Rome)
  • Star Trek Red Alert
  • Tetris Super Jackpots
  • Viking Vanguard
  • Wizard of Oz (including the original, Emerald City, Ruby Slippers and the Cheshire Cat)
  • Wonder Woman Bullets and Bracelets
  • Zeus (including the original, Zeus II, Zeus III, Zeus 1000 and Zeus God of Thunder)

With new WMS titles appearing online all the time, it is certainly worth keeping an eye on the mobile casinos in your state.

Play Willy Wonka Slot Machine online, free

History of WMS Industries

Few slot makers have a history as long and as varied as WMS Industries. This company got its start in 1943. They were initially known as Williams Manufacturing Co. and was founded by Harry Williams in Enterprise, NV. Originally, this company made pinball machines.

Its first venture into electronic games involved coin-operated arcade games. Williams was behind the hugely popular Defender game in the 1980s, along with titles including Robotron.

WMS first entered the slot machine market in 1994. It came after acquiring rival Bally (which was a spinoff four years later).

In 2013, WMS was bought out by Scientific Games, the biggest slot-maker worldwide. Other brands in SG include Bally, IGT and Shuffle Master.

WMS still operates as a separate division within SG, producing many of the most innovative and iconic modern casino slots.

Final thoughts on WMS slots

Even if you were not familiar with WMS as a company, you would probably have enjoyed many of their casino slots.

These include some of the most popular games of recent years, as well as many casino classics. Popular newer titles include Simpsons-themed slots, Willy Wonka titles and the excellent 007-inspired series. When you add in hundreds of other games, many with movie and music tie-ins, you recognize a lot of titles.

You can now enjoy WMS slots at online casinos. These are currently available for real-money play in states with regulations. You can enjoy slot gameplay on your desktop computer (via web browser-based casinos) and mobile devices.

If you play slots online, remember to compare the casino bonuses available. You will find plenty of no-deposit deals that give you a shot at winning big on a WMS slot without risk.


Are progressive jackpots available on WMS slots?

Yes, many of the WMS slots have big progressive jackpots. Examples include the newest Willy Wonka slots, which have $1 million+ jackpots in some live casinos. The most common formats for WMS jackpots are grand, major, minor and mini formats.

On single machines, grand jackpots start in the $10K range and increase until won. Minor and mini are often non-progressive jackpot bonuses. These are fixed, changing depending on your denomination.

Can I play WMS slots on my iPhone or Android smartphone?

Yes, many slots are now specially adapted for smartphone play.

In regulated states, you will be able to download casino apps. These include the geolocation technology that is necessary to prove you are inside state lines for real-money slot play. Many casino apps include a selection of slots.

Classic games with simple reel setups work well on iPhones and Android devices. You might find your screen to be too small to get the best from some of the newer and more graphically detailed slots.

Are any of the WMS slots available to try out for free?

Yes, you will be able to play WMS-created slots indemo mode at many online casinos.

These are available for players outside of the regulated states at some sites. While your play-money balance isn’t saved between sessions, it gives you a chance to check out the different games and bonus features before your next casino visit.

Can I get casino bonuses to play WMS slots?

Play Free Willy Wonka Slots Online

Play Willy Wonka Slots Online

Willy Wonka Slots Free Coins

Yes, all casinos offer new player bonuses, and these are ideal for slot play.

New member free myr no deposit 2018 calendar

Bonuses you can use to enjoy the WMS slots include no-deposit bonuses, matched bonuses (these are 100% of your initial deposit), cash back on first deposit losses and loyalty/point collection deals.

Before you take a bonus, read the terms and conditions. You will find significant differences in the amount of play necessary to clear your bonus.

Is it legal to play the WMS slots online?

In the US, four states currently have legalized online casinos. More states are expected to legalize online casinos in the future. If you are in a state that does not regulate online casinos, then an alternative is to check out sweepstakes casino sites. These are legal, though the slots are custom-built and not WMS titles.