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What is a Community Cat?


Community cats are defined as un-owned cats whose β€œhome” is within the community rather than in an individual household. A community cat can be a friendly cat that is well socialized, a fearful or shy cat, or a feral cat that will hide from people. Some of our community cats are fed by residents and some may scavenge for food. In Miami-Dade County there are more than 300,000 homeless cats. Cats can start breeding at four months of age and can have up to four liters a year with up to six kittens a litter.

All healthy, community cats older than two months and heavier than two pounds can be spayed/neutered at no cost (ear tip is mandatory) at the Miami-Dade County Community Spay Neuter Clinic at 10700 SW 211 street in Cutler Bay, FL 33189. Get Directions

All healthy, community cats older than two months and heavier than two pounds can be spayed/neutered at regular cost at our Gardnar Mulloy Pet Rescue Clinic located at 16101 West Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach, FL 33160.

Community cats may be checked in for surgery between 8:00am – 8:30am Tuesday-Saturday – no appointment needed. Please note: walk-ins are accepted on a space-available, first come first served basis. The Free sterilization service includes a FVRCP vaccination, a rabies vaccination if the cat is four months and or four pounds or older, and a left eartip.

Miami Cattery

Below are a few tips on trapping community cats:

  • You may have more success trapping if you withhold food 24-36 hours prior to trapping and then trap at the usual feeding times
  • Place a thin layer of paper in the trap if the wind is not too strong to move the paper around
  • Place the bait, usually canned cat food or tuna fish, into the far back of the cage and secure the door with the clip
  • Trail some of the juice from the bait and/or small amounts of bait from the entrance of the trap to the back of the trap
  • Place the cage in an area where cats are often observed or their usual feeding area
  • Place the cage on a level surface. If placing on grass and soil make sure the door will close completely
  • After setting the cage, it may be helpful to place a sheet or pillow case over the cage. Cats often venture into enclosed areas
  • Remove yourself from the immediate area
  • Check the cage as often as possible. It is not recommended to leave the traps unobserved for any length of time
  • After the cat has been caught, completely cover the cage with a sheet or a large pillow case. This helps to calm the cat
  • Please do not allow children or pets near the cage
  • Place the cat in a protected area where the elements will not harm the cat and transport it to the Community Spay/Neuter Clinic as soon as possible
  • When transporting the cat in a car, place a trash bag or tarp under the cage. Keep the cage covered. Do not transport the cat in the closed trunk of the car or in the back of an open pick-up truck

Miami Caterer

If you need assistance or information about trapping community cats – including renting traps, please call our Community Cat Coordinator at 305-255-4032 or email [email protected].

β€œIn order to help Miami-Dade County in its effort to become a β€œNo Kill Community,” and to decrease the number of animals entering the shelter system, we have to prevent the births of unwanted puppies and kittens. We won’t be able to adopt our way out of the serious pet overpopulation problem we have in Miami; we must spay or neuter!” emphasized Laurie Hoffman, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Greater Miami.


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Mami Catering


Miami Catwalk

This is one of the saddest losses I had, I tried to do the best for her and it turned out worthless.. Mami was a stray that came to our warehouse business about 7 years ago, she was at least one year old that place was far from a main road and with nature around, and of course we were her food providers she decided to stay, she soon got pregnat.. and she gave us 5 beautiful babies, that was my first interaction with a stray.
So we had to move our business from there for too many reasons and we could not take Mami with us because we moved to a main road and I was affraid that she got killed by a car, I also did not wanted to leave her there to her own as she could have been poisoned .. bringing her home was out of the question because I already have 3 cats and beside, she does not tolerate other cats at all.
So I put her up for adoption and she found a new family in Germany (a couple I know from the animal welfare). So she got a lift and she got there Oct 1st.
Unfortunately after one month she was diagnosed with intestine cancer, she started to get fatter and fatter, they took her to the vet and she had taken out of her belly 0.75 lt. fluids, she had a 2cm tumor and a smaller one. Vet there said is not operable. She was taking some meds but aparently she was not getting better, but worse.. so they took the desicion to put her to sleep. (I would have done things diffrently, I would have fight more for her)
So I feel terrible because maybe there is a possibility that she got her cancer out for the stress of changing homes? is not that she was downgraded to a worse place, she had a real house with heating and love 24/7 and everything any cat can hope for, so is not that she had a worse place to live, so I always have this thought, because she was not young, maybe the cancer evolved faster when she moved to a new place away from us? I just wanted the best for her and at the end she did not live longer.
Sorry Mami for not letting you be here where you apparently lived happier.. I really wanted what was best for you.

Mami in the warehouse

Mami in the warehouse

Photos of Mami in her home in Germany