How To Play Lotto 247

247 Games offers a full lineup of seasonal Slots games. Click on any of the games below to play directly in your browser. All of our Slots games are 100% free, all day, every day! You can win up to $10 million playing the unique Keno 24/7 that takes place every 4 minutes, every day of the week. Instead of entering the official draw, you place a bet on the outcome of the New York Keno (Quick Draw). Keno 24/7 works just like any other lottery — you pick your numbers and win a prize if you match those drawn. Lotto Agent quickly made a name for themselves as a reliable and customer-friendly lottery agent. Lotto Agent allows you to play in up to 19 lotteries, from Europe’s Loteria Nacional and EuroMillions to the US and Australia’s Powerball games. A wealth of deposit and withdrawal methods are also supported for easy gaming.

  • Lotto offers multimillion-rand jackpots twice a week and eight prize divisions in every draw. Draws take place at 20:56 on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  • Lottery organizers tend to seek a balance between setting up a game with unfavourable jackpot odds (which will result in higher jackpots and therefore higher ticket sales) and setting up a game with favourable lottery odds (so that players will have a relatively good chance of winning prizes).

Bonus offers

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Lucky Number Predictions

Your dream numbers

Welcome to South Africa’s #1 Lucky Numbers website!
Here you can find the Latest Lucky Number Predictions using Hot & Cold Numbers and the Latest Lucky Number Results. We base our lucky number predictions on historical data looking at 100’s of past draws and then showing the hold and cold numbers based on these. Hot numbers mean that the number has been drawn very frequently in the past. Cold Numbers mean that the number has not been drawn frequently in the past.
We also show the latest Promotions from all the best betting companies, so that you can enjoy playing lucky numbers often.
This site is to be used for entertainment purposes only

Lucky number predictions

Making predictions or tips on lucky number draws is always quite difficult as statistical analysis requires lots of data to make it relevant. So our system goes back and pulls the draw results from thousands of previous draws, for all lucky number games and stores them, analysing which numbers come up more frequently than others and which ones hardly ever come up. These are often referred to as Hot and Cold numbers. We then apply a weighting to recency, as we want to see what is happening in the most recent draws taking place. The hot balls are the ones which come up most often and the cold balls are the ones which come up least often. We then use this data to predict which numbers are most likely to come up in the next draw for each lucky numbers game.

Most popular lucky numbers games

The most popular lucky numbers games include UK49 (both lunch and tea), SA powerball, SA Lotto, SA Daily lotto, Russia Gosloto and the France Lotto. Mo China is also very popular but not many betting sites have it.

Lucky Numbers Betting

Lucky Numbers is a form of betting which allows South African punters to place bets on the outcomes of a wide range of local and international lotteries. When playing lucky numbers, you can select any of your desired numbers for a particular lotto. All lucky number bets are based on the numbers that are drawn from the respective lotto’s and in most lucky number bets are subject to the rules of that particular lottery.
In the event that a lottery draw does not take place for any reason, all the valid bets on that draw will stand, but if the draw is postponed ,then all bets on that draw shall be declared void and punters will be refunded of their stake.
It is important to note that there is a difference between Luckynumbers and Lotto because when you are playing lucky numbers, you are not exactly playing into the actual lotto pools but you will be betting on the numbers that will be drawn.
In Luckynumbers, your payout is fixed and is not affected by the number of people who win like in the main lotteries. Bookmakers have a set minimum bet but you can place an even higher stake of your choice.

Which Lotteries are available for lucky numbers betting?

Lucky numbers are available for a number of lotteries including UK49’s , Russian Goslotto, France Lotto, Eurojackpot, EuroMillions, Oz Lotto, Spanish Lotto Austrian Lotto USA Powerball, US Mega Millions, US Powerball, Greece Lotto among other lotteries from all over the world.

Which Bookmakers offer Luckynumbers?

There is quite a large number of bookmakers offering Luckynumbers in South Africa namely;
Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers
Supabets Lucky Number
World Sports Betting
GG Gaming
Betway Lucky Numbers

How to play Lucky Numbers?

When playing lucky numbers, you need to select the amount of numbers you wish to play, but you should obviously be guided by the lotto you want to bet on, For example, France Lotto is 5/49 which means that you can only select less than 5 numbers, but you should not worry too much because bookmakers have a guide on how many numbers you should bet on on a particular lotto.
This article will focus on the French Lotto to show you how you can bet on Lucky Numbers and you can use this example to bet on any lotto you might want to bet on.
From your bookmakers website, locate the Lucky numbers link/button to gain access to the lucky numbers page.
On the Luckynumbers page, you must select your desired lotto (France Lotto 5/49) and you will see the available options for you to bet on.

  • 1 Ball (1 Main Set) 8
  • 1 Ball (1 Bonus) 8
  • 2 Balls (1 Main Set & 1 Bonus) 85
  • 2 Balls (2 Main Set) 100
  • 3 Balls (2 Main Set & 1 Bonus) 900
  • 3 Balls (3 Main Set) 1500
  • 4 Balls (3 Main Set & 1 Bonus) 12500
  • 4 Balls (4 Main Set) 25000
  • Bonus Ball Odd 0.9
  • Bonus Ball Even 0.9

After making your selection, you can input your stake and submit your bet and wait for the draw results. You need to remember that for you to win, your selected numbers must come up in the actual draw, that is, if you pick 2 numbers, both numbers must be drawn.

37 ratings

1 US Powerball Voucher FREE On Your First Purchase

  • Payment options : Credit Cards, wire transfer, bank transfer and e-wallets
  • Customer support : Phone call back and live chat
  • Available languages : EN, RU, PL, PT BR. PT, DE, CS, RO, ES, FR, HU, FI, NO, GE, HI, AM
  • Trustpilot score: Average
  • Number of lotteries: 14
  • Mobile app: No
  • Ticket Scan: Wager
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Welcome to Lotto247! One of the best online lottery platforms I reviewed so far, and one I revisit often. If you are buying lottery tickets, Lotto 247 will provide a very good experience for all users – regardless of country, payment method, or device. It’s not perfect but it does a lot of things well.

Lotto247 is an online lottery agent that allows you to buy online lottery tickets from any device connected to the internet in a few simple steps. Just open your account, pick your favorite lottery (or the major jackpot) and you are in!

Lucky Enterprises B.V. is the company behind Lotto247 – it also owns Play Huge Lottos – and it issued its gaming license with the Central Government of Curacao. This means the operation complies with regulations and all transactions are safe. Applying for a gaming license is a demanding process.

Read all the aspects and features in our complete review and enjoy it!


Lotto247 Review Aspects

Reviewing a lottery website is complex. There are some aspects that are measurable and comparable and there are semantic ones. A comparable element is encryption since one type is better than the other. A personal preference element is design since we each have different tastes and come from different backgrounds and cultures. I try to focus on both and use my experience (I’ve been part of the gaming industry since 2012) to give an accurate overview of Lotto247.

The review starts with a set of review aspects and ends with legitimacy, conclusion, and alternatives.

These are the main aspects of top10bestonlinelotto review

  • SECURITY – The security measures Lucky Enterprises undertake to ensure safe browsing and secure transactions. This is a technical aspect, but a critical one. Failing it basically ends the review with a low score. You should only play with secure brands.
  • PRODUCTS – The list of lotteries Lotto247 offers its players. And also any side games such as scratch cards, keno, casino, and sports betting.
  • FEATURES – Which features Lotto247 has for lottery players – there are many that have an impact on the overall experience – and which are missing.
  • PLATFORMS – The platforms and devices that the website support. Most websites use a responsive design that fits multiple screen sizes, some use dedicated website per platform – mobile and desktop.
  • PROMOTIONS – While I don’t think that promotions are as important as other review aspects on the list, it’s still a great acquisition and retention tool. I’ll review Lotto247’s offer to new and existing players.
  • SUPPORT – When anything goes wrong, you have to be sure there’s someone from Lotto247 that will be available to you. I’ll check which communication channels are there and what is their availability.

Lotto247 Security Measures


Lotto247 is using an SSL certificate issued by Cloudflare, which is a well-known issuer that also offers many other web security services. The certificate is tested and valid – this is easy to check using free services such as CouldFlare’s – and the lock icon in the browser is showing as expected. The certificate is trustworthy, and other lottery brands use it as well, but it is not a high grade one – B grade. This could be a misconfiguration of an A grade certificate, I can’t tell how it is configured in the server.

Having this layer of encryption is critical to make sure there’s no one who can intercept any information sent between you and Lotto247’s servers. Sensitive information you want to be sure is safe is private identifiers – name, address, phone, and email – and payment details – cc, and e-wallet.

Blacklist Status

Another aspect of security has to do with Lotto247’s intentions, and for this, there are services that crawl the web looking for malware and phishing content. These services update their blacklist with any flagged malicious services. One service, for example, is Google’s Safebrowsing.

I’ve used VirusTotal and no security engines, out of 80 checked, flagged this brand as malicious. One service, FORTINET, flagged it as spam and blocked it.

How To Play Lotto 247

Lotto247 VirusTotal Test Results

Products – Lotteries and Games

One of the reasons Lotto247 does online lottery so well is the focus. The whole experience of the site revolves around the lottery. There are no attempts to sidetrack visitors to other games – scratch cards or casino.

On the site, there is a selection of the major lotteries from the USA, Europe, and Australia. It includes these 16 lotteries Super EnaMax, US Powerball Plus, MegaMillions Max, Euro Millions, Super Enalotto, Lotto 6aus49, Euro Jackpot, MegaMillions, US Powerball, ElGordo, UK Lottery, La Primitiva, Mega Sena, France Lotto, Oz Powerball, and Oz Lotto.

There used to be scratchcard games, such as Halloween Scratch, $100,000 scratch, and Full Bloom with jackpots up to $250,000 that you could play and win instantly. Scratchies, and also bingo, online slots, and keno were taken off the site. To my opinion, removing side games gives Lotto247 a greater focus on what we’re here for – playing the lottery online.

Lottery Ticket Features

Lotto247 has one of the most intuitive platforms for playing the lottery, there are all the main features required for a leading experience.

The site’s homepage loads with a few of the lotteries that are drawing soon. The coming draws are usually the ones players are most interested in. Each lottery shows in a widget that contains the current jackpot, counter till draw, and a set of features enabling a quick purchase – number of quick pick lines and an add to cart button. There’s also a button to redirect to the lottery page for manually picking numbers. This widget is also available on the All Lotteries page.

There are four steps to completing a ticket wager:

  1. Add Entries
  2. Order Summary
  3. Payment
  4. Order Complete

The entry page has two sections – quick pick and pick your numbers. There’s also a smart and custom multiplay feature. It enables buying the same ticket for any number of draws, starting with any future date, and with any occurring (every draw or specific draw days). This is a lottery player’s ideal lottery form.

The Quick Pick feature is one button that randomly auto-generates numbers and fills one line on your ticket. Similar to what is available on many other websites.

The site is multilingual and translated to 16 (!) languages. The list of languages includes UK English, Russian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Portuguese, German, Czechs, Romanian, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Finnish, Norwegian, Georgian, Hindi, and Armenian are fully supported. This language support is uncommon and shows the reach Lotto247 is aiming for as part of their focus in online lottery. I created top list aimed at users from specific GEOs – India, for example, has a toplist page with all brands that custom their experience with language and payment method support.

Platform Compatability

Lotto247’s development team had made a great job on the platform,. It is ever-evolving and introducing improvements regularly. New free slots 2019.

All of the site’s lottery features are available across all devices. Regardless of platform, operating system or browser. Platforms include desktop, tablet and mobile/smartphone. Operating systems include PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. You’ll have a polished and consistent user experience regardless of the device you’re currently using.

Desktop – Mac and PC

The Desktop site has a clean and simple design that is very easy to navigate and play through. No distractions from the lottery experience. It is well developed and excellent user experience is guaranteed.

Mobile Smartphones

Mobile devices have a dedicated website (mobile.), that is separated from the desktop site, with all the games and functions available. Lotto247 will redirect you to the relevant website once it identifies the device you’re using – user-agent. All functionalities and gaming options are available both for Android and iPhone.


Lotto247 treat Tablets as smartphones – they share the same mobile. website. There’s no custom website for tablets, but the mobile one works and looks fine. The website retains the experience across platforms.

Promotions and Bonuses

There’s no promotions section on Lotto 247’s site, but there is a custom offer for anyone coming through top10bestonlinelotto. The offer is giving you a great chance to take your first shot at America’s biggest lottery – US Powerball – after completing your first purchase. All you need to do is buy your entries and Lotto247 will do the rest. Your free lottery voucher will be added automatically within 48 hours of your first purchase.

The 1 US Powerball Voucher FREE On Your First Purchase is an attractive one for acquiring new players.

There are tailored promotions sent to active players through email.

How To Play Lotto 247 Pcso

Customer Support

Customer Service quality and availability are some of the most important aspects that matter for every player. It is almost as important as security since a lottery player wants to be sure there’s someone with the authority to quickly address any issue that might come up. Customer department behavior will determine if you’ll come back to the site to buy another ticker or not.

These are the communication channels you can reach Customer support through.

The live chat option is available on working days and hours. It is a direct and instant communication channel that quickly became the favorite option for players. It is used widely and became a must of all top tier brands.

Lotto 247 does provide a telephone number to contact the customer support with, but they offer an innovative Call Me Back option. You leave your number and they call you back at a convenient time.

You can use the email ([email protected]) and expect a reply within working days and hours. To my opinion, the live chat and call back options are much better, but there’s proof of contact with email. Up to you.

Contact Us page is another channel you can use, mainly when the live chat is not working. You will be able to use the Call Me Back feature to get a phone call from the customer department.

Social Networks

The Lotto247 Facebook page (@Lotto247). Two good channels, while the FB can be more quickly and efficiently.

FAQ Page

While a FAQ page might not seem like a customer support channel, it is when Lotto247 update it. Many questions and issues are showing on the FAQ page and a visitor to the site is able to self-solve some issues.

Is lotto247 Legit or Scam?

You already decided you want to buy online a lottery raffle from the major providers. Now, is the time to ask yourself, is the platform trustworthy? Is it a legit lottery operator or is it a scam?

Lottery247 efforts in the data transference encryption, and especially, their gaming license from the Curacao gaming authorities provided the answer: this is a legit player in the lotto industry.

Relax and enjoy Lottery 247!

Review Summary is a good platform if you decided to buy online lottery tickets. Both from desktop and mobile devices you will be satisfied with the quick and easy interface.

Payment options include the most popular and secure ones, like Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, PaysafeCard, bank transfers, and Entropay.

As a result, is a platform you can use in many languages without any doubt and we give them a nice 3/5 rating from us. Mainly, the lack of promotions is the reason why they didn’t get a better score.

Pros / Cons
  • Product variety
  • Good on desktop and on mobile devices
  • Ticket scans unavailable
  • No promotions or offers

Alternatives to Lotto247

How To Play Playwin Lottery

There are few alternatives to brands that seem to be around since forever. Trustworthyness is hard to comeby.

LottoKings and LottoAgent are good alternatives. They’re not necessarily better, just different and equally trustworthy. You can’t go wrong with any of the two.

How To Play Lotto 47 Double Play

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