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House of Fun slot machines with free coins – is a product of BetSoft, a Tier-one developer of online slot games. Their motto is “true cinematic 3D gaming” and they offer a full suite of casino games, including the 3D series SLOTS3 as well as Blackjack, Roulette, Table Games, Video Poker, and Lottery style games. House of Fun casino game belongs to the “video slots” class, although it has 3D animations and effects in it. Game has a background story as well: Paul, Jane and their dog get lost in a forest after a traffic accident. While looking for the way out, they find a creepy looking manor – free House of Fun slot. This slot is similar to Hamilton.

Although, nothing is “fun” in this manor, it is filled with eerie looking characters and ancient secrets. Your job is to spin the wheel and escape from this manor, while winning shiny, golden coins. Graphic quality is superb, as with most of the BetSoft games. Animation quality is also top-notch, whole game looks like a CGI movie.

  1. House of Fun slot machines with free coins offers a horror theme, quality graphics and high winning amounts to players. The game can be played as a free slots, which means you don’t need to spend a penny for playing it. But as with all free slots games, it can be played for real money too.
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House of Fun slots for downloas is a horror themed slot game. Amongst casino games, horror is a theme we see often. But without high-quality graphics and animations, most horror themed slot games look not that… creepy. This is not the case with House of Fun though, as we mentioned, graphic and animation quality is very good. Sound effects combined with a nice soundtrack puts you up directly in that manor – it is a very atmospheric game.

It has 5 reels and 30 paylines. As for features, game has a scatter symbol and two bonus rounds, but no separate wild symbols. Although, during the free spins, middle reel acts like wild.

Free Spins mode is called “Jack Free Spins Feature”. Bonus rounds are named “Mad Click Me Feature” and “The Escape Bonus Round”. As with most online casino games, bonus rounds are the section where you win the most, so triggering them often results with winnings.

Tips & Tricks on How to Win House of Fun Slot Game

Almost all online casino games are the same: To win the House of Fun slot machine, you don’t need to download it, just land same symbols on a payline. Spin the wheel, and try to land at least two same symbols on a payline – don’t worry, there are 30 of them. The are 5 reels and each reel has 3 slots. This is an advantage – most slot machines has 5 slots. Lower amount of slots mean higher possibility of winning combinations. When you manage to land at least two same symbols on a payline, you will get paid. Of course, landing more than two raises that payment amount – 5 is the maximum value. Each symbol in the game has a payment amount. Some are high, some are low… Let’s take a closer look at them.

There are nine bonus symbols in House of Fun slot machines in total. Each of them has a different value. These symbols are:

Bonus SymbolCoins for Symbolscoins for symbols
Owner of the Manor10/2150/5
Creepy Servant10/2150/5
Turquoise Eyed Cat5/260/5
Creepy Statue15/350/5
Mad Jack40/3120/5

House of Fun casino slots do not use playing card signs – which are numbers and letters. This is a big plus, because these symbols have very low values. You can see all of the payment values of the symbols by pressing “View Pays” button, this section also shows the basic rules of the game.

Now, as we mentioned, there are 30 paylines in the game. You can lower this amount by pressing the “Select Lines” button. For example, you can play with only one payline if you want. But this is not advised – higher paylines mean higher chances. So always play with 30 paylines and always bet on maximum values: This is how you win at slot machines.

Each spin costs a coin amount – we call this “coin value”. In House of Fun slot machines, this value can be set between 0.02 and 0.50. Higher values result in bigger payments but also cost more. Your maximum bet amount is 150 coins – you can see this value in the “Bet” section, which is under the third reel. To play with maximum bet amounts, you need to press the “Max Bet Spin” button.

House Of Fun Slots Free Online

Choosing 0.50 as the coin value is not enough – 0.50 only makes each spin costs 30 coins. We recommend starting like this, choose the maximum coin value and move on to maximum bet after a while, when you get the “feeling” of the game. In demo version, you are limited with 1.000 coins, so 30 coins per spin is not a big deal. (There are no limits in real money version of course.)


Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

As we mentioned above, House of Fun has two bonus rounds and a free spin feature. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Jack Free Spins Feature: A Jack-in-the-box symbol is used for this feature. If you find at least three of this symbol, the box opens with an animation and reveals the number of free spins you won. During the free spins, the center reel counts as wild – which means any of the symbols on the reel substitutes for all other symbols.

Mad Click Me Feature: Three or more Mad Jack symbols on paylines 1, 2 and 3 starts this round. Mad Jack is a character wearing a purple hat. This is a “click me” feature. Which means there are “closed” symbols on the screen and you reveal them by clicking. Each revealed symbol awards the player with extra credits.

The Escape Bonus Round: 3 or more Hellhound symbols on any payline activates this round. You will be taken to another screen and there are 5 doors on it. You need to click the doors and guide Paul and Jane. Each click awards the player with extra coins. The feature ends when you open the wrong door – which means our heroes get captured again.


House of Fun slot machines with free coins offers a horror theme, quality graphics and high winning amounts to players. The game can be played as a free slots, which means you don’t need to spend a penny for playing it. But as with all free slots games, it can be played for real money too. It requires no download, it can be played directly from your browser. Bonus rounds are fun and trigger often. We liked it – horror theme is a hard one to get it right, but House of Fun free slot games accomplishes this task. Highly recommended.

House of Fun is a casual casino game from Playtika, and you can currently download it for your iOS or Android device. The game comes with more than 180 free casino slot machines, with new games being added with every new, (ideally) weekly update, and each of these machines have different rules and features, giving you various ways to win some virtual money. There are progressive jackpots, raffles, special challenges, and a lot more twists to the conventional slot machine experience, and as you level up in the game, you’ll unlock more machines, more game features, and, in theory, have more fun in this mobile version of your average Las Vegas casino.

Now you may think that there’s nothing to learn in a game where you’re pretty much relying on the vagaries of chance, with no actual skill involved. But the goal of these games is to win as much in-game currency as possible, and that’s what we’re here to help you with, as we present to you a list of House of Fun tips and tricks. Again, this may be a casual game that doesn’t involve skill, but that doesn’t mean there’s a thing or two you can’t learn about boosting your earnings!

1. This Is A Game Of Chance

This is probably so obvious that we need not mention it, but we’re going to mention it anyway. House of Fun is, well, a slot machine game, and that means there’s nothing much you need to learn about this game. Just keep on spinning and spinning the slot machine as you earn more money and level up, and unlock new machines as you reach certain milestone levels. Easy-peasy.

Yes, it’s true that each of the different machines have different mechanics, i.e. different things that need to take place in order for you to win some money, but other than that, this is a game of chance, and not a game of skill. And no, there’s no real money involved here, unless, of course, you choose to spend some dough on some in-game coin packages.


2. Always Go For The Maximum Total Bet, Unless You’re Running Low

It might sound like we’re encouraging high-rolling, but there’s a reason why you should be betting the maximum amount more often than not. Though it would stand to reason that you can earn more money by betting more coins, the main reason why you want to do this is so you can level up faster in the game. Bigger bets means that the bar on the upper right corner of your screen will fill up faster — the percentage you see there shows you how far you have to go before making it to the next level.

Betting higher will also allow you to fill up the counter on the upper middle portion of your screen in the 3 Tigers game, for instance — that counter shows you how much jackpot money you can win if you reach that slot machine’s milestone, which is 20 instances of three tigers of different colors showing up anywhere on the three reels of the slot machine. (On the machine’s intro, the jackpot counter shows $1,000,000 — don’t be mislead by that, as that’s simply the maximum amount of jackpot money you can win once you’ve reached a certain point in the game!)

3. Reaching Level 4 Unlocks Two New Machines

How To Get Free Money On House Of Fun

In the early goings, you’ll only be allowed to play the 3 Tigers machine, but once you reach level 4, you’ll unlock the Kitty Gems and Frankenstein Rising slot machines. Unlike in 3 Tigers, there’s no counter that shows you your winnings, should you reach the milestone 20 instances of three different-colored tigers.

Instead, you get the It’s Alive bonus in Frankenstein Rising, which is triggered when the bar on the upper right fills up with gems; this allows you to increase your winnings exponentially, so you might want to keep on playing until you’ve filled up that bar at least once. (You could always stop, though, if you’re running low on in-game money.) Kitty Gems appears to be a more no-frills machine, as the key feature is that the gems on the slot machine act as a wild card, replacing any symbol except the Bonus.

Different machines, different mechanics — we suggest that you play as many of them as possible, as that should prevent you from getting burned out with any one machine, while getting to try out each of the machines’ unique features.

4. Never Turn Down A Free Spin

House Of Fun Free Money

Free spins can be triggered in this game in a number of ways, usually through certain events, such as getting three Scatters with the Pagoda piece on reels 1, 2, and 3 in 3 Tigers. You should never pass up a chance to get free spins in House of Fun, as that essentially gives you a chance to earn more money without spending a single cent of your virtual currency!

As the free spin mini-games come with special rules that make it easier for you to earn, you could potentially recoup some sizable losses, so it would also be a good idea to go for the most free spins available if given the choice.

5. How To Earn Coins Without Playing The Slots

Want to earn some bonus coins without paying a single cent? Simply connect your game to Facebook — you’ll find this option on the bottom left of the main screen, and you can simply tap on the Facebook icon to connect your game and redeem your free cash. You can also tap on the button on the bottom center of the screen every three hours or so, up to four times a day — you won’t earn much for this in most cases, but that’s another good way to increase your balance and have more money to play the various slot machines in the game. Opening chests in the Legends menu could also earn you some free coins to add to your total.

If you’ve just downloaded the game, you can also click on the New Players Sale button in the lobby — you’ll want to be careful if you’re an iPhone user simply wanting to preview this option, as it’s essentially one-click payment via Touch ID! But it’s a pretty good deal, in any case — for just one dollar or its equivalent in local currency, you’ll get 5,000 free coins as a special for newbies.

6. Rank Up Your Hall Of Fame Legends

House Of Fun Free Spins Real Money

See that button on the upper left side of the Lobby menu that says “Legends”? That’s where you can level up your Hall of Fame Legends — these are mythical characters, or the game’s versions of a pirate, Puss in Boots, Cleopatra, Poseidon, etc., with varying rarities, the rarer the character, the higher the jackpot. By opening the chests that you win while playing the slots, you’ll be able to rank up these characters until they reach Rank 5.

Free Money House Of Fun Coins

Ocean king free credit. Once that happens, you’ll earn upwards of $100,000 in virtual currency, and that, quite obviously, is a lot of money which you can use as you continue unlocking new machines and enjoying the casual experience of casino gaming without having to bet any actual money.

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And that’s all you need to know to skyrocket your earnings in House of Fun! Have you discovered any other tips or tricks for the game? If so, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below!