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With the market for online poker in the United States in flux, the European market for poker games played online has risen to become the most critical in the world for major operators. Far from a homogeneous entity, European online poker players demand a mix of promotions, game types and particular features from poker sites that only a few companies can offer.

  • European Online Poker Rooms In most countries in Europe, poker is perfectly legal and accepted. In fact, every major country in Europe allows their citizens to play online poker with no problem at all (Italy banned poker.
  • Europe: Home of the Top Poker Sites Europe is definitely the world’s powerhouse when it comes to the best poker sites. Companies that help dominate the market include 888 Poker, Party Poker and Bwin.

Europe is certainly a hotbed of online poker, and many of the country specific sites, particularly those from France and Italy, consistently rank among the world’s busiest poker sites, beating out almost all sites.


For players looking to find the top Euro-friendly online poker room, we submit this brief guide to online poker in Europe: Our top pick for European players, thoughts about the competitive nature of the market and what it means for those playing poker online and finally a few words about the future of the market for European online poker sites.

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Best European Online Poker Sites

Top Poker Room Online for European Players

While European players have their pick from a litany of sites, we suggest 888 Poker as the primary destination for online poker fans searching for a room that caters to the Euro poker market. The core strengths of 888 Poker are obvious; the room hosts a massive amount of cash games and tournaments, provides players with some of the strongest instant cash bonus of any poker site and boasts an impressive reputation for offering a safe online poker environment.

Less obvious are some strengths that should really matter to players looking to turn a profit playing online poker. For example, 888does a better job than most of catering to casual players and then ensuring that those players have a positive experience at the room. That's exactly the type of player pool you want to be competing against, and you won't find it at just any room.

Best Online Poker Sites Europe

Finally, European players will appreciate the banking and currency options options 888 provides, as well as the year-round satellites to major live poker events on the continent. That's a potent mix of quality product, reliability and value that all European poker players should find appealing.

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