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Also known ascard reading, card counting is a strategy used by Blackjack playersto determine whether the next hand will be more advantageous for themor the dealer. Basically, a person who counts cards keeps track ofall the high and low-valued cards that he or she sees.

Simply download and run the executable 'Blackjack Card Counter.exe' Usage. To change the card counting system used to calculate the true count, click the drop down menu and select the one you wish to use. To change the number of decks in play, either type.

When donecorrectly, counting cards is supposed to give you 0.5% to 1% ofadvantage over the house. This isn’t really much but there are cardcounters who claim how it’s possible to gain up to 20% of theadvantage.

Card counting isnot considered illegal in any federal laws in the United States. Theonly time this will be considered illegal is if a device is used tocount cards. Card counting is mainly frowned upon because of how itcan affect the house and other players.

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Basically, cardcounting only breaks unwritten rules in the world of gambling. Youcan easily get kicked out of a casino if you’re caught using thisstrategy. Speaking of getting caught, it’s really hard to spot aplayer who is counting cards.

Download Blackjack Card Counter

Even casino staffor owners can’t be considered as experts when it comes to spottingcard counters. The easiest indication of card counting is when aplayer tends to bet more during the mid and latter part of the game.

  1. Blackjack Card Counter is an app based on the techniques of card counting. Using any device while at Blackjack tables is illegal. Never use Blackjack Card Counter or any electronic device while playing at casino tables What’s New Thanks to everyone for using Blackjack Card Counter! This is my most successful app and I really appreciate the.
  2. In Blackjack Card Counter v2.1, we've added an additional card counting system based on Ken Uston's SS Count, which is a little more complicated, but provides better odds.

If you completelywant to avoid dealing with card counters, the best option for you isto play Blackjack online. Online casinos usually use a program orsoftware that continuously shuffles their decks. This just makes cardcounting very impossible.

Looking for online casinos with the best Blackjack selections onlineis easier nowadays. You can check blackjack.orgfor casino reviews and even get some tips and strategies on how tobecome a better player without cheating or counting cards.

Whether you planon using this strategy or you want to know if you’re sharing atable with a card counter, here are some known ways to spot them.


Card countersusually get busted by altering their bets after low-valued cardsalready came out. These players would wager even up to 10 times oftheir usual bets when they already see the low-valued cards come out.Obviously, they do the opposite when high-valued cards are what cameout first.

Players whoconsistently bet small amounts when the deck is considered cold andhigh amounts when the deck heats up are usually asked to step out ofthe table and sometimes even the casino.


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Blackjack cards play

Today’stechnology is also used to aid casinos spot players who seem to haveunfair strategies like card counting. Some casinos invest insurveillance cameras that use facial recognition programs to detectcheaters or card counters.

The faces thatthese cameras detect are compared to a large database of cheaters orbanned players from the casino. Once your facial features match aperson in their database, you’ll be most likely asked to leave.

Stay at theTable

A common mistakethat card counters have is staying at a table for a long period oftime. Since card counters are too focused on tallying low andhigh-valued cards, they tend to stay in the same table for too long.

Team Signaling

There are nowcard counters that team up to distract the dealer or the management.Each member of the team has their own roles when it comes to cardcounting. Teaming up will allow these players to improve theircounting techniques.

The roles thatthese players have are different from each other. There’s thespotter, the ones who will bet big when the table is heating up, andthe back-spotters. A team can be easily spotted because of theirsignals. If you see players who seem to look at each other withsignals or unusual movements, then you’re probably playing with ateam of card counters.

Other CardCounting Behavior

Splitting 10s isone of the moves that could raise a red flag. Some would even saythat this move is only for newbies and card counters. These playerswould usually use this strategy if the bets on the table are heatingup.

Blackjack Cards Play

Because tallyingthe cards that already came out can be a tedious strategy, it’scommon for card counters to get easily annoyed by any distractions.People who are not yet well-practiced when it comes to counting cardsmay usually have a strained facial expression. They may look verytense compared to players who are only there to play and relax.

Blackjack Card Counter Online

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