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What is WagerLocic? WagerLogic Limited is a supplier of top-end online gaming software to some of the world’s top online casinos. Being responsible for their own licensing of its gaming software as the supply of its services to clients which include William Hill, ukbetting and Littlewoods gaming, a large amount of trust and respect has been invested and reaped. As a subsidiary of CryptoLogic Inc., WagerLogic has the financial backing and experience to offer a flawless and integrated service to a very competitive market.

The Best Cryptologic Casinos. Cryptologic was founded in 1995 and is located in Canada. The software is technically licensed to casino clients by WagerLogic, a subsidiary of Cryptologic. Cryptologic powers many very reputable casinos like Intercasino, Omni casino and CS Casino. All e-cash transactions are handled by Cryptologic's e-cash. Sep 30, 2020 Founded way back in 1995, Cryptologic is one of the oldest gaming software firms still offering online betting software today. The group was founded by Andrew and Mark Rivkin in their parents' basement, and signed its first license deal with InterCasino in 1996. Founded in Toronto, CryptoLogic is a well-known name in the world of casino gambling. Along with blackjack, roulette and some online casino games, the developer has earned a respectable place in the industry for their online slots. Their slots are quite a high performing and user-friendly.

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What Does WagerLogic Casinos Offer? WagerLogic was established in 1996 and is therefore one of the longest running software developers for the gaming industry. More than $20 billion have exchanged e-hands over this period and with a customer base of more almost 2 billion, it is clear that WagerLogic casinos has the capacity to offer an outstanding service.

WagerLogic is spread across more than 80 of the top online casinos and this number is continuously growing. Answering the needs of global usage, the service is delivered in English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German and Spanish. Identifying China as an area with large growth potential has dramatically enhanced WagerLogic’s casino platform as sought-after software provider. China’s economic year-on-year growth of over 10%, with a highly computer-literate population of 1.6 billion cannot be ignored. WagerLogic casinos also offers its services in US Dollars, British Pounds and Euros to allow for convenience and customer satisfaction.

A Background of CryptoLogic.CryptoLogic is one of the leaders in the software and services market to the online gaming market. The company’s selling points are high speed financial transactions coupled with its taking the high ground in the implementation of online gaming regulations. These regulations are similar to those imposed on physical casinos but are more difficult to implement due to the global scale of online casinos. By being a leader in this market, CryptoLogic Limited ensures it maintains the trust of the gaming industry as well as the regulatory watchdogs. By using sound business logic, CryptoLogic has managed to gain a strong foothold in this very competitive market by combining old and trusted commercial principles with new innovations. This combination is the key to success in e-commerce.

WagerLogic and Good Business Sense. WagerLogic’s casino services allow for a complete gaming solution for online casinos. With over a decade in the game, WagerLogic is a veteran in a relatively young industry and has survived the e-commerce slump to emerge as a frontrunner in the online gaming software supply market. With this experience, WagerLogic is able to offer a comprehensive and self-sufficient package to its clients.

WagerLogic assists in developing detailed project management plans and the implementation thereof. This includes thorough market analysis and risk management. These properties are embedded in the software and its powerful features can build broad data capturing databases. This customer information is the key to identifying strengths and weaknesses in the respective online gambling service offerings. It is also possible to generate structured player profiles and reports and implementing promotional and service-oriented customer loyalty programmes. Even though the software allows for online gambling sites to function self-sufficiently, there is still a 24/7 customer support desk in the event of a problem arising. An online casino relies on 24/7 customer accessibility as they operate on a global level and above the limitations of time zones. It is therefore important to provide a comprehensive and efficient backup service delivered by those who are the best in their professions.

What are WagerLogic’s Product Extensions? Identifying the need for a full service offering, WagerLogic has not limited its capabilities to the online casinos alone. With billions of online shoppers in need of secure online funds transfer, WagerLogic has introduced Ecash Direct. This offers online gamblers as well as those purchasing goods and services from online merchants with a secure means of payment.

Transactions are accepted in most of the world’s main currencies and over the last decade over $16 billon have been safely transferred across the internet by nearly 2 million customers in over 240 countries. This brand extension of WagerLogic has dramatically improved its cash flow and allowed for WagerLogic casinos to use this capital to continuously re-invent itself in order to stay ahead of its competitors.

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Disclaimer: Let it be known that I have served as a consultant to Cryptologic. While this review was originally written before they engaged my services I do update it from time to time. This review attempts to be unbiased and mostly sticks to the game rules, odds, and strategy. While I feel comfortable there is no conflict of interest I think it is appropriate to disclose the relationship.

Cryptologic is a Toronto-based company providing downloadable online casino software. The company was founded in 1995, went live with their first casino in 1996, and was the first to provide multi-player games in 1998. Depending on the casino, the player may earn monthly deposit bonuses, random prizes, or cash back incentives.

Crytologic casinos offer a Cashback Club. For each $10 you bet you earn points. The number of points you earn depends on the game, from 0 in single-deck blackjack, to 4.5 in VIP slots. Every 100 points is worth $1 in cash back. InterCasino has a page explaining how it works and comp points earned by game. To find the cash back rate, divide the comp points earned per $10 bet in the table by 1000. For example, VIP slots earn 4.5 points per $10 bet, for a cash back rate of 4.5/1000 = 0.45%.


Standard rules are followed, including eight decks of cards. Betsoft careers. The house edge on the banker bet is 1.06%, on the player bet is 1.24%, and on the tie bet is 14.36%.


Cryptologic offers seven different blackjack games. Here are the rules that are common to all of them:

  • Cards shuffled after every hand.
  • Player may double on any initial two cards.

The rest of the rules vary, according to the table below. The house edge figure is based on total-dependent basic strategy. These figures can be found using my blackjack house edge calculator by taking the 'realistic results' and subtracting out the cut card effect, as stated in my blackjack appendix 10.

The next table shows the odds on the progressive blackjack side bet for the fixed wins, and not including the progressive jackpot.

Cryptologic Progressive Blackjack

4 colored acesJackpot87,3600.000002960.00000000
3 suited aces2500537,6000.000018210.04553103
4 uncolored aces1500754,1760.000025550.03832412
3 non-suited aces25010,911,7440.000369660.09241498
2 suited aces10035,524,6080.001203480.12034761
2 non-suited aces25121,798,6560.004126200.10315510
1 ace02,101,026,8160.071177020.00000000
no aces027,247,691,5200.923076920.00000000

The lower right cell shows a return of 39.98% on the fixed wins. Each $10,000 in the meter adds 2.96% to the return. The breakeven point, where the game would have zero house edge, would be when the meter is $202,812.56.

The Perfect Pairs games follows what I call pay table D, as shown in my blackjack appendix 8, which pays 25-1 for a perfect pair, 15-1 for a colored pair, and 5-1 for a mixed pair. The house edge with five decks is 5.79%.

The following table shows the Blackjack games available in alphabetical order.

Cryptologic Blackjack Alphabetic OrderExpand

GameSoft 17Double After SplitSplits NumberPeekSurr-enderReturnTotal DecksLive Game
Atlantic CityStandYes1YesNo99.51%8No
Atlantic City ProgressiveStandYes1YesNo99.51%8No
Euro Double Deck (no hole card)StandYes1NoNo99.66%2No
European (no hole card)StandYes3NoNo99.48%6No
Perfect PairsStandYes1YesNo99.53%5No
Single DeckHitNo1YesNo99.79%1No

Here is the same list in returns range, choose your game wisely.

Cryptologic Blackjack Return OrderExpand

GameSoft 17Double After SplitSplits NumberPeekSurr-enderReturnTotal DecksLive Game
Single DeckHitNo1YesNo99.79%1No
Euro Double Deck (no hole card)StandYes1NoNo99.66%2No
Perfect PairsStandYes1YesNo99.53%5No
Atlantic CityStandYes1YesNo99.51%8No
Atlantic City ProgressiveStandYes1YesNo99.51%8No
European (no hole card)StandYes3NoNo99.48%6No


Casino War

Casino War is dealt with six decks. The standard rules are followed. There is no bonus for a tie after a tie. The house edge is 2.88% if the player goes to war on ties, 3.70% if he surrenders on ties, and 18.65% on the tie bet.


Cryptologic's craps game offers rules that are similar to those found in physical casinos. All place and proposition bets pay according to standard rules. Buy and lay bets are not offered. The player may bet up to two times any line bet on the odds. The double odds are always relative to the bet made. This departs from conventional rules in which laying odds after a donít pass or donít come bet is relative to the amount the player can win. Finally, winning bets get rounded down to the nearest dollar so be sure to bet in correct increments. To avoid getting rounded down the player may bet as many extra dollars on top of their double odds bets as needed so that winnings will be an evenly divisible by $1. A pop up box will also alert the player if they stand to get rounded down, something very nice and unique to Cryptologic.

Let it Ride

Cryptologic follows the usual Let it Ride rules. Unlike Atlantic City, however, Cryptologic features a $1 side bet. The house edge on Let it Ride is 3.51% and on their side bet is 22.61%.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker follows the usual rules, with one small deviation, a royal flush pays 200-1 rather than the usual 100-1. Assuming optimal strategy, this lowers the house edge from 5.22% to 5.21%.

The side bet pays $50 for a flush, $100 for a full house, $500 for a four of a kind, and the usual 10% and 100% of the meter for a straight and royal flush respectively. For the player to break even on the side bet the meter would have to reach $218,047.37.

Over Poker

This is a clever video poker variant exclusive to Cryptologic. As of Aug. 5, 2010, it is only available at InterCasino. The rules are rather involved to explain here, but I hope to add a separate page on the game later.

Pai Gow Poker

Cryptologic follows conventional pai gow poker rules. In their game the dealer is always the banker giving the house a 2.86% house edge, assuming both player and dealer play by a standard house way. The rules say Cryptologic uses the Atlantic City standard house way, although I know the Claridge uses a different house way than the Trump Plaza.

Three Card Poker


On both the Pairplus and the Ante the 'full pay' pay tables are used. Specifically the Pairplus has the 1,4,6,30,40 pay table for a house edge of 2.32%. The Ante bonus has the 1,4,5 pay table for a house edge of 3.37%. For more information about Three Card Poker visit my Three Card Poker section.


This is not to be confused with Australian pontoon. Rather, this is another blackjack variant found at Cryptologic, Playtech, and Real Time Gaming casinos. Cryptologic uses 8 decks, dealer hits a soft 17, and pays a pontoon after splitting aces 2 to 1. In other words the rules are the same as those at Cryptologic and Real Time Gaming. The house edge is 0.38%. For more informaiton please see my online pontoon section.

Red Dog

Cryptologic's Red Dog rules are conventional, featuring one deck with a house edge of 3.16%.


Three versions are available as follows. The more liberal versions require a higher minimum bet.

American Roulette: Two zeros. Half of even money bets are returned if ball lands in zero or double zero. House edge is 2.63% on even money bets and 5.26% on all others.

European Roulette (min. bet <$25) : One zero. If the ball lands in zero, then even money bets lose the full amount. House edge is 2.70% on all bets.

European Roulette (min. bet >=$25) : One zero. If the ball lands in zero, then even money bets lose half. House edge is 1.35% on even money bets and 2.70% on all others.

Scratch Cards

Mark Rivkin

There are two scratch card games under the 'Lottery' menu, High Fasion and Money Farm. Sorry, I have no information about the return.

Sic Bo

At InterCasino two versions of Sic Bo were available, 'Atlantic City' and 'VIP.' The VIP version has a more liberal pay table, but a higher minimum bet is required.

'Atlantic City' Sic Bo

Small, Big10.486111-0.027778
4, 17600.013889-0.152778
5, 16300.027778-0.138889
6, 15170.046296-0.166667
7, 14120.069444-0.097222
8, 1380.097222-0.125000
9, 1260.115741-0.189815
10, 1160.125000-0.125000
Any triple300.027778-0.138889
Two die combination50.138889-0.166667
Any number1,2,30.421296-0.078704

VIP Sic Bo

Small, Big10.486111-0.027778
4, 17620.013889-0.125000
5, 16310.027778-0.111111
6, 15180.046296-0.120370
7, 14120.069444-0.097222
8, 1380.097222-0.125000
9, 1270.115741-0.074074
10, 1160.125000-0.125000
Any triple310.027778-0.111111
Two die combination60.138889-0.027778
Any number1,2,120.421296-0.037037


Some Cryptologic casinos used to publish their actual slot return percentages. However, I can't locate such information on their web sites any longer. Thus, I have no public information on what their slots are set to.


This is the standard Klondike version of Solitaire (as found in the Windows game menu). There are two versions. In 'Draw One' the player draws one card at a time and can run through the tableau only once. In 'Draw Three' the player draws three cards at a time and can run through the tableau three times.

The player may bet 2-cents to $1 per card, so the total bet ranges from $1.04 to $52. For each card the player moves to the foundations the player gets back 5 times the bet per card. So the player would need to remove at least 11 cards to make a profit.

No, I do not know the house advantage. If anyone can else does I would be interested to know.

Super Fun 21

Rules and strategy for this game can be found in my Super Fun 21 section. The house edge is 0.94%.

Texas Hold 'Em Bonus

Cryptologic follows Las Vegas rules in Texas Hold 'Em Bonus. Assuming optimal strategy, the house edge is 2.04% on the Ante bet, and 8.54% on the Bonus bet.

Triple Action Hold 'Em

As far as I know, Cryptologic is the only company to offer Triple Action Hold 'Em online. The standard rules and pay tables are followed. Optimal strategy is to raise on the Ante bet with anything. The house edge is 1.82% on the Ante bet, 2.93% on the Flop bet, and 5.39% on the Bonus bet.

Vegas Three Card Rummy

The standard rules are followed for Vegas Three Card Rummy. Optimal strategy is to raise with 20 points or less, otherwise fold. The house edge, assuming optimal strategy, is 3.23% on the Ante bet, and 3.46% on the Bonus bet.

Video Poker

The following table shows the games, pay tables, and return (assuming optimal strategy) for Cryptologic video poker. The returns for the two progressive games are based on a minimum jackpot meter of 4,000 coins.

Cryptologic Video Poker

GamePay TableReturn
Aces & Faces8-50.992555
Double Double Bonus9-60.989808
Joker Poker18-70.989372
Deuces Wild Bonus Progressive16-130.967651
All American200-30-80.984898
Double Bonus9-70.991065
Tens or Better6-50.979598
Super Jackpot Progressive8-50.972984
Deuces WildUgly Ducks0.989131
Jacks or Better9-60.995439

Super Jackpot Progressive will reach a breakeven point at a meter of 9426 coins. Deuces Wild Bonus Progressive will reach a breakeven point at a meter 11135 coins. Both breakeven points assume optimal strategy based on a 4,000 coin meter.

The following table shows the Video Poker games available in alphabetical order.

Cryptologic Video Poker Alphabetic Order

GamePower PokerMulti-PlayPay TableReturnLive Game
Aces & FacesNoNo800-50-80-40-25-8-5-4-3-2-199.26%No
All AmericanNoNo800-200-30-8-8-8-3-1-198.49%No
Deuces WildNoNo800-200-25-15-9-4-4-3-2-198.91%No
Double BonusNoNo800-50-160-80-50-9-7-5-3-1-199.11%No
Double Double BonusNoNo800-50-400-160-160-80-50-9-6-4-3-1-198.98%No
Jacks or BetterNoNo800-50-25-9-6-4-3-2-199.54%No
Joker Wild (Kings or Better)NoNo800-200-100-50-18-7-5-3-2-1-198.94%No
Super Jackpot (progressive)NoNo800-50-25-8-5-4-3-2-197.30%No
Tens or BetterNoNo800-50-25-6-5-4-3-2-197.96%No

Andrew Rivkin

Here is the same list in returns range, choose your game wisely.

Cryptologic (WagerLogic) Casinos 🥇 (2021) - AskGamblers

Cryptologic Video Poker Return Order

GamePower PokerMulti-PlayPay TableReturnLive Game
Jacks or BetterNoNo800-50-25-9-6-4-3-2-199.54%No
Aces & FacesNoNo800-50-80-40-25-8-5-4-3-2-199.26%No
Double BonusNoNo800-50-160-80-50-9-7-5-3-1-199.11%No
Double Double BonusNoNo800-50-400-160-160-80-50-9-6-4-3-1-198.98%No
Joker Wild (Kings or Better)NoNo800-200-100-50-18-7-5-3-2-1-198.94%No
Deuces WildNoNo800-200-25-15-9-4-4-3-2-198.91%No
All AmericanNoNo800-200-30-8-8-8-3-1-198.49%No
Tens or BetterNoNo800-50-25-6-5-4-3-2-197.96%No
Super Jackpot (progressive)NoNo800-50-25-8-5-4-3-2-197.30%No

Video Poker - Bonus

Cryptologic features a unique game I have never seen before called Bonus Video Poker. It is based on conventional video poker, either 3-play, 5-play, or 10-play. Unlike regular video poker when the player discards a card it is put back in the deck. If the player gets back a card on the draw he discarded on the deal the player gets a bonus that varies depending on the game.

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The following table shows the return of each game, assuming optimal strategy, and before considering the 0.1% cash back.

Bonus Video Poker Summary

GameLine PaysRedraw BonusTotal
Deuces Wild0.9420760.0462750.988352
Joker Poker0.945220.0404110.985631
Double Bonus0.9517430.0336940.985437
Tens or Better0.9496360.0352320.984868
Jacks or Better0.9526420.0321630.984805
All American0.946660.0352170.981877

For more information about Bonus Video Poker please visit my section on Bonus Video Poker.

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