Casino Slots Youtube 2020

If you’ve spent any length of time around YouTube slot and casino channels, you’ve probably come across a video from an energetic land-based casino influencer who goes by the name of SDGuy1234.

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This South Dakota-based casino YouTuber has a fanbase of over 121,000 subscribers and his channel has amassed over a whopping 112,000,000 total views.

On top of that, he has a Facebook group with over 9,000 active followers and an Instagram account followed by over 5,200 people.

So who is SDGuy1234? Where is he from? How did he become famous? And, last but not least, how much does he earn?

Read this article to find out all of this and much more about SDGuy1234!

Who is SDGuy1234?

Like most casino YouTubers and Twitch slot streamers, SDGuy1234 prefers to keep his private life separate from his streaming career. Nevertheless, our team has been able to unearth quite a few interesting facts about him.

Fact: Real Name & Birth Date

SDGuy1234’s real name is Brian Templeton. He currently lives in Sioux Falls, the most populated city in the American state of South Dakota.

He celebrates his birthday on July 6. By connecting several data points, we can estimate that he is somewhere between 33 and 35 years of age. This means that he was born in either 1985, 1986, or 1987.

Fact: Main Occupation

Since 1999, Brian Templeton has been earning a living by creating and managing various amusement and vending services for various businesses. His clients include various retail locations, movie theaters, shopping malls, and bowling alleys.

Fact: Education

Wishing to further his career and gain valuable skills, SDGuy1234 attended the University of South Dakota (Go Yotes!) from 2002 to 2006. At the end of his four years there, he earned a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in the field of Marketing. This background undoubtedly helped him in this slot streaming journey.

Casino Video Slots Youtube 2020

Unverified Rumour: Work in Hollywood

According to the online casino streaming rumor mill, SDGuy1234 has or used to have a job in Hollywood and is personally acquainted with some members of the cast of the hit HBO TV series Entourage (2004-2011). However, this information was never verified by Brian himself or any independent source.

SDGuy1234 Channel History

Brian Templeton, aka SDGuy1234, registered his YouTube channel on August 28, 2008, which actually makes him one of the pioneers of the platform. It is very likely that he uploaded videos to YouTube between 2008 and 2012, but none of these non-slot videos have survived to this day.

Casino Slots Youtube 2020

SDGuy1234’s First YouTube Video

The oldest currently-available video on his channel is called “Monopoly Around The Globe Free Spin Slot Bonus” and dates to March 28, 2012.

Little did Brian or anyone else know that this shaky, unvoiced one-minute clip would be the start of an illustrious social media career.

SDGuy1234’s Early Viral Videos

From then on out, SDGuy1234 began to feed his viewers a steady stream of casino content.

Nevertheless, despite his prolific output, it took him almost a year to have one of his videos go viral.

SDGuy finally hit the proverbial jackpot when he walked into a casino and started playing the Amazing Airplane slot machine.

He hit a jackpot worth an impressive 4,356.00 USD and recorded a video that has amassed over 240,000 views.

His next viral hit appeared the following year. On March 11, 2014, SDGuy1234 uploaded a clip entitled “BIG WIN! Beginners LUCK IS REAL!” to his YouTube channel.

In the video, the streamer wins 26,700 credits in the free spins bonus round of the Willy Wonka slot machine.

As time progressed, SDGuy continued churning out content in the hopes that his biggest wins would go viral.

SDGuy1234’s First Million View Video.

The first million view video on the SDGuy1234 channel was uploaded to the platform on October 29, 2016.

The video entitled “$10,000+ JACKPOT on .75 BET!!” shows SDGuy winning a five-digit sum on the Walking Dead slot machine.

Despite the view count, the quality of SDGuy’s content remained largely unchanged. The footage is shaky and the clip ends before the machine shows the full amount of his win.

Nevertheless, slowly but surely, the quality of his product increased. He got a better camera and his videos became a lot less generic as they began to focus a lot more on his unique persona, rather than simply on the online casino games he was playing.

The Current State of the SDGuy1234 YouTube Channel

As of January 2021, SDGuy has close to 121,000 subscribers on his main channel.

He uploads anywhere from one to three videos a day. An average video can get anywhere from 30,000 to 70,000 views.

His most recent hit video at the time of writing is entitled “I FINALLY DID IT! RARE RETRIGGER On Treasure DIVER Slot Machine!”. Having been uploaded yesterday, it sits at 41,000 views.

SDGuy1234 Social Media Profiles

Like most influencers, SDGuy1234 can be found on several social media platforms. Here is an in-depth view of all of his social media profiles and accounts.

If you’re a fan of his work, be sure to follow him on your social media platform of choice.

SDGuy1234 YouTube Channel

As of January 2021, the SDGuy 1234 YouTube channel has amassed over 112,000,000 views and a stunning 121,000 subscribers. These numbers place the streamer firmly in the YouTube casino streaming elite.

In comparison, Roshtein YouTube channel only has 47 thousand subscribers, while the ever-popular NG Slot YouTube channel has around 70 thousand more subscribers than SDGuy.

SDGuy uploads new content to YouTube once or twice every single day.

SDGuy 1234 YouTube channel.

SDGuy1234 Facebook Group

The slot streamer also runs an eponymous Facebook page. The group currently has over 9,000 active subscribers.

Fans of the streamer flock to the page to get updates about SDGuy’s life and upcoming events. They also exchange ideas and opinions in the comment section.

This is by far the most active community centered around the slot streamer outside of YouTube.

SDGuy1234 Instagram Profile

Perhaps due to the fact that his target audience is somewhat older than that of most streamers, SDGuy1234 is less popular on Millennial and Gen-Z favored Instagram than he is on Facebook.

Still, his 5,000+ follower Instagram account (@sdguy1234) is nothing to scoff at.

SDGuy regularly posts selfies as well as pictures and videos of his casino adventures. His posts typically get around 400-600 likes.

Youtube Latest Slot Wins

SDGuy1234 Twitter Account

Up until late 2019, SDGuy1234 used to be an active user of Twitter. His @sdguy123 account has 2,300 followers and consists mainly of stream announcements.

His last tweet was made on November 14, 2019.

SDGuy1234 Patreon

Like most other slot streamers, SDGuy1234 also has an account on Patreon. As of January 2021, SDGuy1234 has over 500 paying patrons.

Members can pay anywhere from $2 to $100 per month to support the streamer and gain different perks. Here is a detailed list of all the membership tiers and their respective perks:

  • Lemming. This is the entry-level tier. Patrons pay $2 a month to get access to patrons-only posts.
  • Lil Pretty. For $5 a month, patrons can join SDGuy1234’s popular group pulls and casino meetups. They also get VIP access to SDGuy’s private Facebook group, the ability to view patron-only streams, and access to the How to Be A Smarter Gambler series of videos.
  • Zombie. For $25 per month, patrons get all of the perks of the abovementioned levels, a personalized physical thank you card in the mail, and a YouTube channel shoutout every 6 months.
  • Minion O Rama. This $100 tier comes with all the perks of the other levels, plus a Russian hat, the ability to have SDGuy1234 create a special YouTube video for you where he will play a slot of your choice, and the ability to have your name on “The Deed”, a new item in the Casino Realness set.

SDGuy1234 Patreon membership levels.

SDGuy1234 TikTok Account

As of January 2021, SDGuy1234 does not have an official TikTok account. This is most likely due to the fact that his audience is much older than the core demographic of the hit social media platform.

We will update this post if SDGuy1234 starts using TikTok.

SDGuy1234’s Biggest Jackpot

The biggest jackpot in the history of the SDGuy1234 channel was $16,292.96 USD.

On July 12, 2018, SDGuy uploaded a video to his channel entitled “MY BIGGEST SLOT MACHINE JACKPOT EVER!!!”. This half-vlog and half-gameplay video shows SDGuy walking into a casino with $100 USD and leaving it with over $17,000.

The bulk of the winnings came from an incredible $16,292.96 USD jackpot.

By the way, you can also check out the list of the biggest slot jackpots here.

SDGuy1234 Net Worth

Brian Templeton, aka SDGuy1234, does not disclose his earnings. Nevertheless, it is not too difficult to make an informed guess as to how much he is making. His main revenue streams are his YouTube channel, viewer donations, merch, Patreon, and his amusement business.

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SDGuy1234 YouTube Earnings

According to Social Blade, SDGuy 1234 is a B grade channel with an average of 3.13 million video views a month and an estimated yearly revenue between €8,500 and €136,500. The extreme variance in the estimate is not surprising, since gambling content is extremely difficult to monetize on YouTube.

The vast majority of his income is undoubtedly generated during his live streams. Viewers can send him donations during the streams to ask him questions, wish him good luck, or just thank him for the work he is doing.

Keeping in mind the size of his channel and what similar accounts are making, we would estimate that his channel pulls in around $200,000-300,000 in donations every year.

SDGuy1234 Merch Earnings

Like many other internet celebrities, SDGuy 1234 sells his own merch. In January 2021, the official SDGuy1234 online shop sold everything from custom buttons, magnets, playing cards, and bumper stickers to face masks, t-shirts, phone cases, and baby blankets.

Keeping in mind the size of the audience, we would estimate that this side business earns him a five-digit profit every year.

SDGuy1234 merch store.

SDGuy1234 Patreon Earnings

By using Patreon’s official earning estimation formula, we can conclude that he makes approximately $3,500 USD from Patreon per month.

This is a rather conservative estimate. Keeping in mind that his audience is, in general, more mature and well-off than that of most Patreon channels, we would not be surprised if he earned closer to 7-8 thousand dollars a month. The estimate is comparable to other casino YouTubers like BCSlots and SlotLady.

While this is by no means rockstar money, it is still a good supplement to his other revenue streams.

Frequently Asked Questions About SDGuy1234

Who Is SDGuy1234?

SDGuy1234, real name Brian Templeton, is an online influencer who is most famous for running a popular American YouTube casino game channel.

Where Is SDGuy from?

SDGuy1234 lives in the city of Sioux Falls in South Dakota.

What Is SDGuy’s Real Name?

What Social Media Does SDGuy1234 Use?

SDGuy1234 can be found on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Patreon. He also used to run a Twitter account, but he is no longer active on that platform.

What Slots Does SDGuy Play?

SDGuy1234 plays various kinds of land-based video slot machines on his YouTube channel, including such casino staples as:

  • Sky Rider
  • Quick Hit Slots
  • Golden Eagle
  • Willy Wonka
  • Green Machine Deluxe

Is SDGuy1234 on TikTok?

As of January 2021, SDGuy1234 does not have a TikTok account.

When is his Birthday?

What Year Was he Born?

According to the most accurate estimates, SDGuy1234 was born between 1985 and 1987.

Youtube Winstar Casino 2020 Slots

What Is SDGuy1234’s Net Worth?

SDGuy1234 earns roughly $250,000-500,000 USD per year. This figure does not include casino wins and losses, nor does it include any affiliate deals SDGuy1234 might have with online and offline casinos.

Is SDGuy Connected with Hollywood?

There is a rumor that SDGuy1234 works (or at least used to work) in Hollywood and that he was personally acquainted with some members of the cast of the Entourage TV series (HBO, 2004-2011). This information was never verified by Brian himself or any independent source, so it is most likely just a rumor.

This article was updated on 27/01/2021.

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