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Ten years earlier, browser slot games had a lot of shortcomings due to the lack of certain technologies. However, now with HTML5 developers can make high-quality animations, add 3D graphics, and, in some cases, write a small plot to interest the user for a long time. The functionality also does not standstill. New features are constantly being added to the browser casino games to diversify the gameplay.

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At the moment, about 10 thousand slots have been released in the world. And among so many online games, it’s hard to find the newest of them. That is why we decided to compile a list of the best and most popular browser slot games of 2020 (statistics provided by Casinonic Canadian online casino):

  1. Aus Dem Tal;
  2. Back to Venus;
  3. Pirates Smugglers Paradise;
  4. Riches of Robin;
  5. Gems of Adoria;
  6. Cat Wilde and the Doom of Dead;
  7. Vampire Senpai;
  8. Barbarian Gold;
  9. Wild Pops;
  10. Dream Zone.

New game features of 2020

Browser Casino Games

Modern online gambling has certain differences from traditional slots. In new projects, the developers focus on the picture: visual effects, animation of symbols, more actions, and gameplay mechanics. After launch, the first thing that catches your eye is the beautiful graphics. Any actions are accompanied by high-quality voice acting and soundtrack.

The winning system hasn’t changed, but it has received a significant upgrade in the form of new features. Instead of the jackpot, new various mechanics appeared like Avalanche, Re-spin, and several others. The double bet risk game is now similar to an interactive game where the user has more than two options to choose from. Free spins and special symbols appear on the screen more often, increasing users’ interest in real money bets.

In-game storyline

Mybookie bitcoin promo code. In some games, the developers have added a plot to make the gambling adventure even more interesting. Along with the spins, you periodically watch cutscenes, learning more about the in-game world and characters. The story becomes unique and exciting, immersing you directly into the atmosphere of the treasure find the quest you’ve participated in.

In 2020, the gambling business is experiencing an unprecedented rise due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many users have discovered the benefits of online entertainment, which is why online slot games have become especially popular. A real struggle for the customer was unleashed among casinos and software developers. Everyone is trying to give a unique product that would appeal to a wide audience and make it to the top online casino slot machines.

Players who engage in online gambling sites will usually have to download casino games before they can start playing them. However, there are online casinos that allow players to enjoy their games without any download necessary. In-browser casino games are an excellent way for players to enjoy games fast. Players can even switch from one game to another instantaneously too.

Easy Access

More online casinos are offering in-browser options for many of their popular games. From cards games and video poker to lotto and keno and so much more, players only need to have Flash installed in their browsers to start enjoying them. With no software to download, there is no wait time. Once you have selected your preferred game, you can start playing right away.

Perfect for Playing on the Go

Free To Play Games Browser

You’ll beable to enjoy some good gambling fun even when you’re up and about viain-browser playing. As long as you’re on a device that can connect to theinternet, you can then find a casino that offers in-browser games and start joiningin on the fun.

Save Space

One of thedownsides of having to download a program before you can engage in some onlinegambling fun is that it will eat up disk space on your device. If you happen tokeep a considerable amount of files and data on your computer, having to addmore to its burden via a software download for an online casino game isn’texactly ideal. When there is a way for you to enjoy your favorite online casinogames without sacrificing more computer space, then you’re on the right track.

Free Browser Casino Games

Play in Different Devices

Unlikedownloaded games where you have to stick to the specific device with theinstalled game, playing in-browser casino games allows you to play in anydevice. As long as the device’s browser supports the game and you have an internetconnection, you’re good to go. If you want to enjoy a downloaded game in all ofyour devices, then you need it installed on every single one of them.In-browser games help you do away with that.

All Browser Games

Avoid Security Issues

Aside from the instant buzz that players can enjoy by playing online casino games on their browser, they won’t have to deal with possible security issues that may be present with downloads.

The no-frills, no-hassle experience when playing browser games makes it easier to fit them into your schedule. Also, if you share your computer with other family members, but you wish to keep your casino playing private, downloading a game will make it difficult. In this case, in-browser playing will be ideal for you.

There is somuch that online casinos can offer to avid online gamblers via their browsergames. Aside from offering a wide array of games such as roulette, blackjack,craps, slots, and baccarat among others via browser playing, a variety ofjackpots are also available for players to take advantage of.

Browser Casino Games

Best Browser For Casino Games

Do note thatwhile most online casinos offer in-browser games, a few may not have thisoption available. So, if you aim to exclusively play on your browser, be sureto look for online casinos that offer this option before signing up to avoiddisappointment.