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What are boxing odds? Boxing is a moneyline sport, meaning that the most common bet is on the outright winner.The odds are based off of a fighter's chances of winning his or her bout. From the moneyline we can determine the favorite and the underdog, and can therefore make an inference on what to expect come fight night. The first rule of boxing is to protect yourself at all times. When it comes to gambling online via a boxing betting app, the same sentiment applies — safety first. Now, while some gamblers will throw caution to the wind and pick out the first app they come across, the more safety-conscious folk amongst us.

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Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, it pays to choose the best boxing betting apps when wagering on boxing through your phone, tablet, or any other device.

These days, everyone seems to have something different to say when it comes to what the best apps for real money boxing betting are. So, we do proper research and testing and provide you with our recommendations.

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The most important thing when recommending a great boxing betting app is to know what you are talking about. Our research into the best mobile apps out there is conducted by true boxing betting experts who understand the ins and outs of real money wagering on the “sweet science.”

There are numerous ways to separate a great online app from a bad one. We explain the main factors we look at when evaluating apps below, and we also look at whether using sports betting apps is safe. There are details on the main benefits of using apps to bet on boxing, too.

  • MyBookie – An excellent boxing betting app from an excellent online sportsbook
  • BetNow – Comfortably one of the best boxing betting apps available right now
  • Bovada – A well-known gambling site with a great app for betting on boxing
  • BetOnline – Among the easiest boxing betting apps to use
  • – Mobile boxing betting made simple with this app

Are Boxing Betting Apps Safe?

The first rule of boxing is to protect yourself at all times. When it comes to gambling online via a boxing betting app, the same sentiment applies — safety first.

Now, while some gamblers will throw caution to the wind and pick out the first app they come across, the more safety-conscious folk amongst us will be a little smarter. After all, there is always a risk of taking a low blow from a betting app or site with bad intentions.

Here at, we understand that a major part of our role is to keep our readers safe. After all, we wouldn’t want to recommend any betting app for boxing that is not safe, secure, and trustworthy.

We look at three main factors when separating the good from the bad of boxing betting apps.

  • How safe and secure is the app?
  • Is the app licensed and regulated?
  • How reputable is the app?

Before we recommend any boxing betting app as the real deal, we must first ensure that it passes our stringent tests.

If we identify that the betting app in question is not safe or secure, the last thing we would do is recommend it to you. Even if an app has the latest security features and processes, we will still put it to the test to ensure it can stand up to any efforts to bring its guard down.

These days, hackers and fraudsters find new ways of ripping people off and stealing their valuable information. So, at the very least, we want to know that the latest SSL encryption and firewall software is used by the betting site behind the app.

Is the App Licensed and Regulated?

We believe it’s important for an app to be licensed and regulated in this day and age.

Not only should the boxing betting app you use be operating legally in your jurisdiction, but the owners of the app should also be monitored and regulated by an appropriate licensing body.

Any boxing betting site or app that is not monitored will pretty much have free reign to do whatever they choose. There will be no guarantees what they do with your personal information, and don’t count on having your bets honored if you win.

Unless there is an authority for the owners of an app to answer to, it is anyone’s guess who is behind it. We don’t particularly like that idea, and we are sure you feel exactly the same way.

So, if a boxing betting app isn’t fully licensed and regulated, we’ll knock it out of the ropes.

How many times have you visited a restaurant or watched a TV series having heard awesome reviews and testimonies from friends and family?

Exactly. The reason why we tend to do this is that we trust those people to know what we like and to have our best interests at heart. At, we like to operate the same way when it comes to recommending apps.

When conducting research into an app for betting on boxing or any other sport, we look for the track record it has of providing customers with what they need. We take hundreds of genuine and trustworthy reviews into the equation and also use our deep links in the sports betting industry to do some further inspection.

Now, there are just a few things we do when rating the best boxing betting apps out there. We don’t simply look at a couple of unsubstantiated reviews in the app stores and go whole hog on promoting it as the greatest thing since Sugar Ray Robinson.

Bet Boxing Online

Ranking the Best Boxing Betting Apps

For the most part, we want to see a boxing betting app that can stand up to being pulled apart. We want a well-rounded app that delivers big results, time and time again.

Regardless of whether it is available on Android, iOS, or both, we expect quality from every single app we rate.

Sure, you can choose an app that looks pretty. You might opt for one that has an excellent user interface. Or you might even prefer a minimalist app that has more going on in the background than meets the eye.

When we rank our top boxing betting apps, we want to see variety, consistency, and something that truly packs a big punch.

If you’re going to be using a boxing betting app, the first things you’re going to want is top odds and markets.

Well, great odds and markets matter a lot to us. When we look for a top-rated boxing betting app, this is probably the first area, after security and safety, that we look out for.

When betting on boxing while on the go, it pays to use an app that will give you more bang for your buck.

Boxing Betting Apps With Bonuses and Free Bets

As humans, it’s only natural that we will take a little more if it is offered to us.

Bet On Boxing Fights

You don’t have to be a glutton to want an incentive to sign up for a boxing betting app. Especially if those incentives involve free bets, bonuses, and an assortment of other promotions that will have you smiling wider than Don King in a bank vault.

Most of our recommended apps for boxing bets come with a number of original bonuses and promotions that you can tailor to your needs.

One of the most frustrating things about betting on boxing through an app is an annoyingly poor design and interface.

There is no reason for anyone to have to endure this kind of thing these days. After all, we are in the 21st century.

The best boxing betting apps we have come across usually have their style in check. From easily navigable sites via mobile and tablet to colorful, eye-catching designs and features, the apps above are all knockouts.

Payment Methods

When betting on boxing with an app, you want options. There are few things worse than being stuck with no choices when it comes to deposit and withdrawal methods.

When betting through one of our recommended apps, you will find a wide range of payment methods at your disposal, including the following.

  • Credit and Debit Cards: Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club, Maestro
  • E-Wallets: PayPal, Neteller, Skrill
  • Crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Other: Prepaid cards, wire transfers, checks

Why use a betting app that provides you with little to no choice over how you pay or withdraw your cash?

In addition to the banking options available, the speed at which withdrawals are processed is also important. We expect fast payouts each and every time.

You’re probably wondering if all of these things are available through a desktop site, right? Well, many are. But there are some discernible perks to using a boxing betting app over a basic mobile or desktop site.

Let’s check these out.

Bet On Boxing Apparel

I’m sure almost everyone understands the advantages of using a mobile betting app over a desktop site by now. If you don’t, then allow me to explain.

When you are on the move or simply away from home, you can put your hand in your pocket and access boxing betting odds, markets, promotions, and even upcoming news of the big fights.

It doesn’t matter whether you are at work, on the way to your wedding, or tapping into the inflight Wi-Fi while cruising the skies. Anything you can do on your desktop, you can probably do better on your app.

Regardless of the type of phone or tablet you are using, real money boxing betting apps can often make a huge difference to your online betting experience

Betting on boxing through an iPhone, Samsung, Google, Nokia, Huawei, Honor, or any other manufacturer is just so convenient.

To make matters even better, these betting apps are often fully optimized to give you an experience that can often outdo what you can access through a desktop.

Bet On Boxing Match

As if that wasn’t enough, our top recommended boxing betting apps often have promotions and features that only app users can access.

Bet On Boxing Online

So, before you declare yourself an old stick in the mud and solely wager on the fights through your desktop, try one of the best boxing betting apps you can get your hands on above and embrace the beauty of change.