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If you’re here, you’ve probably heard about how awesome of an online gambling
site Bovada is. You’ve probably also heard that you can get some free cash and
bonuses just for signing up and playing there! Well, you heard correctly. With a
simple bonus code, you can get the biggest and best bonuses, rewards, and VIP
perks just for playing the same online games you were already planning to.
Below, we have listed for you the top Bovada bonus codes currently available.
Some of these are public bonuses you may have seen before, and some are special
private bonuses that we’ve secured just for our readers!

Bonus Code TypeBonusCodeRolloverGet Started
Bovada Casino – Welcome Bonus
100% Up To $1,000NEWWELCOME25xRedeem Now
125% Up To $1,250BTCCWB125025xRedeem Now
Bovada Casino – 2nd Bitcoin Bonus
125% Up To $1,250BTC2NDCWB25xRedeem Now
75% Up To $750BTCSWB7505xRedeem Now
Bovada Sportsbook – Bonus
50% Up To $250No Code Needed5xRedeem Now
$25 and 200%No Code Needed5xRedeem Now
Bovada Poker – Welcome Bonus
100% Up To $500PWB5000xRedeem Now
Best Bovada Bonus

What Makes These the Best Bovada Bonus Codes?

Latest Bovada Bonus Codes Casino Welcome Bonus. You’ll notice in our table of Bovada codes that the offers are for new customers. Bitcoin Casino Bonus for New Customers. Bovada’s sign-up bonuses are even better for Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash customers. A Welcoming Bovada Sports. Bovada bonus codes referenced here that you are getting the biggest and the best bonuses currently available. Bovada Is a Trusted Online Gambling Site. Some of you out there may be wondering if you should be using a Bovada bonus code or a bonus code for a.

We aren’t just saying these are the best Bovada bonus codes because we think
that sounds better. There are very definitive reasons that we can confidently
say these are the top bonus codes available anywhere on the web. Because we know
you’re here to get into the real money gambling action, we will spare you the
long, drawn out explanation of how we rack and stack different bonus codes. But
we do want to draw your attention to a few of the reasons why these are the best bonus codes to use on Bovada available anywhere.

The Most Recent Bonus Codes from Bovada

The internet is riddled with bonus codes that have long since expired. While
these codes were once something great, they do you no good nowadays. Typically,
Bovada will release a batch of online bonus codes, but they do have an
expiration date attached to them. This ensures that they don’t have to worry
about tracking codes forever and seeing codes from decades ago being redeemed.

Usually, when a batch of codes expires, they release a new batch to make sure
you can still get the new bonuses. If people are not being vigilant and staying
on top of things, they will miss the release of the new codes. This means that
you will be trying to input bonus codes that are old and just do not work.

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All of the Bovada bonus codes we recommend here actually work. How do we know
this? Because we test them. We check expiration dates and know exactly when
codes will expire so we can replace them with the new releases. Basically, if
you go to use one of these promo codes on Bovada, you can be confident that
you’re going to get what you’re looking for.

These Are the Biggest and Best Bovada Bonus Codes Available

Guess how many bonus codes exist out there? Thousands. Literally thousands.
Can all of these thousands of codes be the biggest and the best available?
Definitely not. We could post all of those codes here, but then we wouldn’t be
doing you any good. Anyone can hit up Google and try and search for bonus codes.

What we do instead is sift through the thousands of bonus codes and only list
the biggest and the best. We test those to ensure they work, then continually
work to keep our list updated. You can be confident when you use one of the
Bovada bonus codes referenced here that you are getting the biggest and the best
bonuses currently available.

Bovada Is a Trusted Online Gambling Site

Some of you out there may be wondering if you should be using a Bovada bonus
code or a bonus code for a different gambling site. Well, we’re here to tell you
that Bovada is a highly-respected and reputable online gambling company within
the industry. They have been around for decades with a great track record of
taking care of their customers the right way.

These bonus codes are not only some of the biggest bonuses you can get within
the online gambling industry, but they come from one of the most trusted online
gambling sites ever. A big bonus is only great if it is being offered by an
online casino that you actually want to play at. This is certainly the case when
it comes to Bovada.

You Will 100% Get the Bonuses That You Select

We make sure to test all of the bonus codes that we recommend. Why? Because
we want to make sure that you’re getting what you want. You’re never going to
have incorrect codes or links that go to different bonuses. There is a reason
that you get to choose which bonus you want. If you end up getting something
different, what’s the point of offering you that choice?

Additionally, you will see that our top Bovada promo codes take advantage of
the new technology of dedicated links. This means that all you have to do in
order to activate the bonus for yourself is click on the link next to the bonus
at the top of the page! The link will take you to Bovada’s sign up page and will
automatically credit your account with the bonus. Create your account, and you
will be all set!

Where Do I Input My Bovada Bonus Code?

As we’ve touched on earlier in this article, bonus codes are starting to
become obsolete. You can still get the awesome Bovada bonuses that they offer,
you just don’t have to worry about copying and pasting the code onto the site.
Just use the link next to the bonus that you want, and it will automatically be
applied to your account. This new technology is paving the way for a future
without bonus codes. You will still get all the benefits, but you don’t have to
go through the annoying search for where to input your code.

For those of you that are still unclear about how this works, here are the
exact steps to 100% ensure that you get the Bovada bonus you are looking for.

  1. Head up to the top of the page and pick from the best bonus
    codes Bovada has to offer.
  2. Click the link or button next to the bonus code that you want.
  3. You will be taken to Bovada’s website. From there, create your player

That’s it. The bonus is now tied to your account and is 100% yours to take
advantage of when you make that first real money deposit. As you can see, this
process is way simpler than having to copy down a code, find where to input it,
and figure out at what time in the process you are supposed to input it. This
removes all of the guesswork from the equation so you can focus on what is most
important-trying to win money!

Why Does Bovada Offer These Bonuses?

Because they are crazy! Actually, we’re just kidding. The reason behind these
great Bovada bonus codes and promos is actually a very targeted purpose. The
online gambling industry is currently very competitive and there a lot of strong
contenders for you to choose from. In order to entice you and other new bettors
to try out their betting site, they need to give some sort of worthy incentive.
It has become the industry standard for online betting sites to use free money,
promos, and other bonuses to drive traffic to their site.

There is nothing shady about this at all. How many restaurants do you know
that use coupons, deals, and free samples to get you to try them out? How many
car dealers have specials running all the time to get you to their lot? It’s the
exact same in the online gambling industry. Bovada is okay with taking a loss by
giving you some free stuff because they are confident in their product and feel
you will want to stick around as a customer.

So, take advantage of these codes. Free money and other
freebies are waiting for you!

The Bovada Rewards Program

Bovada has a pretty awesome rewards program where you can earn a lot of great
perks. The page explaining the program on their website has a picture of a
helicopter flying over Las Vegas, so it has to be awesome, right?

The program is simple. Every time you make a bet in the Bovada casino, place
a bet in the sportsbook, or sit down at their poker tables, you’re going to earn
rewards points. These rewards points are cashed in for the greatest bonus
ever-cash. And you don’t have to worry about entering any Bovada bonus codes!

Here is the current system for earning rewards points. We’ll talk about how
these rewards points convert to cash in just a moment when we discuss the
different tiers.

GameBet AmountPoints Earned
Video Poker$11
Table Games$11
Slot Games$15
Specialty Games$115
Sports Singles$13
Sports Teasers$115
Sports Round Robin$125
Sports Parlay$125
Racebook Straight Wager$140
Racebook Exotics/Multiples$160


  • Cash games earn 15 reward points per dollar of rake
  • Tournaments earn 15 rewards points per dollar of rake
  • Jackpot sit and gos earn 1.5 rewards points per dollar of buy-in.

The system might look a little confusing if you check it out over at Bovada’s
website, so let us break it down for you. There are three different levels in
their program. Within each of those levels, there are four to six sublevels.
Within each of these levels, you are going to receive rewards points and a
certain cashback percentage. Based on your level of play, you will be at
different levels and sublevels.

What can be confusing is that the highest percentage of cashback and rewards
point conversion is in Level 1. Every other sublevel is higher as you move up to
Level 2 and 3, except for “Hall of Fame,” which is only available at Level 1.

From our understanding, “Hall of Fame” is a separate level that you can
achieve after getting to the top of Level 3. When you get there, 1,000 rewards
points = $1 and your cashback percentages are 20% on the casino, 10% on poker,
and 7.5% on sports.

94 Club

Something that not a lot of players know about at Bovada is the 94 club. Once
you reach the Hall of Fame level, you are going to be on the company’s radar.
There is an invite-only level above it known as the “94 club.” From the people
we’ve talked to with more knowledge about the club, this seems like the top for
VIP clubs industry-wide. You’ll get invites to private live events, vacations,
and most likely anything else that you want! Details are scarce, but if you’re a
big player, you’ve now got something to shoot for!


Bovada Bitcoin Bonuses

From time to time, online betting sites like Bovada will offer bonuses based
on the method used for deposits and withdrawals. The most common form of this
are special Bovada bonus codes and promos for players who use Bitcoin. If you’re
not familiar with Bitcoin, it’s a cryptocurrency that makes moving money around
the internet a lot easier. If you use this new technology to move your money
around Bovada, you’re going to get a much better bonus or promo.

Why? Great question. This is not because Bovada has friends that work with
Bitcoin. The reason that they are pushing Bitcoin at Bovada has to do with fees.
Anytime that you move money around online, there are fees involved. When you
make a deposit at Bovada, you don’t get hit with any of these fees. Does the
bank just love Bovada and not charge anyone any fees?

Ha! Not a chance. Bovada is electing to pay all of these fees for you to
enhance the quality of your experience. But these fees don’t exist with every
banking option out there. One of the biggest perks of using Bitcoin is that
there are little to no fees associated with it. This means that Bovada is saving
a ton of money on transactions every time someone elects to use Bitcoin instead
of a more traditional banking method.

Now, Bovada could choose to sit on the gains they get from this, but they
don’t. Instead, they will kick back some of these rewards to you as a thank you
for saving them some cash. Bovada bonus codes for Bitcoin users end up being a
win-win for everyone.

Bovada Casino Bonus

Get Started at Bovada Now!

Taking advantage of these top Bovada promo codes is now easier than ever with
dedicated links. Just click the link next to the promo you want at the top of
the page and you’re all set. You’ll be playing your favorite games for real
money in a matter of minutes. For more information on Bovada, check out our
full, in-depth review of Bovada.

You play slot games hoping to win money. Ideally, you want to win the jackpot or top prize. If you play for real money, the best way to win is by playing the loosest slots. Take a closer look at what to look for when you're looking for the best slots to play. Use our guide on the loosest slots on Bovada to find games to get you started.

What Is a Loose Slot?

What is a “loose” slot? It's a slot game that has a higher slot game RTP than most. Most industry experts define a loose slot as one that has an RTP of more than 96%. Are you not sure what RTP is? It stands for “returned to player.” It's the percentage of funds that are taken in from bets over a period that's returned to players during that time. The phrase “period of time” is important. The RTP doesn't mean that you'll get 96% of your $100 in bets back during your session. It means that over months or years, the slot game usually returns that percentage of the total wagers. Say that dozens of players wager a total of $10,000 on a slot game in six months. With a 96% RTP, $9,600 is returned to players. You might be one of the players to win, but you might not. Odds are in your favor to win something, however. Sticking to loose slots doesn't guarantee that you'll always win cash playing an online slot game, but it increases your odds of winning. That covers the RTP, but there's another factor. You need to look at the slot game variance. Variance covers the range of prizes that a slot game hands out. If there's a video slot where players usually hit smaller payouts, the variance is going to be low. A high variance slot game is one where the range of wins varies from jackpot wins to smaller payouts.

Bovada's Loosest Slots

Some casino software providers don't publish their slot game RTPs. Bovada adds them when that information is available, but it's not always there. If it is, you'll find it somewhere in the rules or paytable information.

#1 – 5 Times Vegas Slots

Per Bovada, 5 Times Vegas has a slot game RTP of 96%. It's a 3 reel, 3 payline slot with no frills but high payouts. Three x5 symbols pay 1,000 times your bet. The x2, x3, and x5 symbols are also wild multipliers and increase payouts they help form.

#2 – Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets

The RTP of Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets isn't published by Rival, but several experts calculate it at over 98%. That makes it one of Bovada's loosest slots. This i-slot has an expanding wild Rocket Ship, a free spins bonus round that doubles winnings, and the Scatterstronaut bonus round where you fly a space ship through a course and win cash.

#3 – Golden Buffalo

Bovada lists Golden Buffalo slots' RTP at 96%. It's not the highest out there, but it just meets the definition of a loose slot. The Wild West, animal-themed slot wows players with stacked wilds, wild multipliers of up to 3125x, and a free spins bonus round.

#4 – Gold Rush

Bovada doesn't specify the RTP of Gold Rush slots, but most casinos and experts put it in the 96% to 97% range. This 3 reel, single payline slot game has a money and Gold Rush slot game theme with a top payout of 400x if you wager three credits. The Wild Gold Miner doubles and quadruples payouts when he helps form the win.

Best Bovada Bonus Account

#5 – Grandma's Attic

Grandma's Attic is a surprisingly fun game with an estimated RTP of just over 96%. Three Skeleton Key scatters triggers an interactive bonus game that has you choosing items in the grandma's attic and winning cash. There's also a free spin bonus round where your winnings are tripled.

#6 – Reel of Fortune

The game show-themed Reel of Fortune slots has a slot game RTP of just over 96%. The reason slot game winners flock to it has more to do with the bonus round than the fact it's one of the loose slots at Bovada. In one bonus round, pick one of the curtains and see what's behind. You want your choice to reveal a money bag. There's also a Plunko bonus round where you drop chips onto the cash board and see where they fall.

#7 – Rock On!

Here's another slot game where Bovada doesn't have the RTP published, but several experts put it at just over 98%. It's has a rock and roll theme and incredibly fun bonus rounds. One of them is patterned after the popular video game Rock Band and requires you to hit the notes on the guitar at the right time. The more of the song you play correctly, the more cash you win.

#8 – Scary Rich 2

This spooky Halloween slot is estimated to have a slot game RTP averaging around 96%. Werewolf scatters trigger a bonus round with 13 free spins and expanding wilds. Wilds have a special feature, too. If you have two of them, you get a 3x multiplier. Three of them give you a 6x multiplier, and four increases the multiplier to 13x. The top prize in this game is 10,000 coins, which makes it very appealing.

#9 – Watch the Birdie

Watch the Birdie is a game for birding enthusiasts. As a result, the bonus round game is all about spotting birds while out in the woods. An expanding wild is this 5 reel slot game's other bonus feature. The animal-themed slot game has an average RTP of 96.2%.

Bovada Sign On Bonus

#10 – Wheel of Cash

Finally, one of the loose slots at Bovada is a game show slot patterned after Wheel of Fortune. Wheel of Cash has a slot game RTP of about 96.5%. Bonus features include a free spins bonus round. There's also a side game where you play the Sloto and get up to $1,000 if you get the right number of matches. There's also a prize wheel bonus round where you keep building cash and risking it all to win more or collecting what you've won.

Bovada Slot Games Are Available in Mobile and Instant Play

Best Bovada Bonus Code

There are other loose slots, but these are some of the loosest slots on Bovada. We've spent hours testing them out and feel that they're some of the best slots to play if you're looking for the higher odds of winning some cash. Play them on your Android or iOS phone or tablet or load them in the instant play casino. These slot games do allow you to play for fun using demo play before you make the switch to play for real money.