Advanced Mtt Poker Strategy

Mtt poker strategy

A winning poker tournament strategy requires a full understanding of many different topics. Today, games are entirely different than it used to be a few years ago and the MTT strategy that used to work in 2010 is not very efficient now, so just knowing the rules of poker will not be enough anymore. Currently, MTT players only check-raise the flop in this situation around 7-8% of the time, when closer to 20% is a more optimal strategy. On certain flop textures, check-raising close to 25% of the time is an extremely profitable strategy. Advanced tournament players usually spend some time beforehand going over the tournament structure. This method includes the blind structure, level speed, and prize pool distribution. This formula will help them to pre-empt which strategies will be most incentivised at the different stages of the tournament.

Bounty Hunter: A Progressive Knockout Tournament Course


  • This course transitions you from a standard MTT game plan to one specialized for progressive knockout tournaments.
  • Learn cutting edge tactics that will allow you to quickly and accurately account for bounties in-game.
  • Guided learning through this poker course means you’ll be systematically learning to master knockout tournaments.


Poker Mtt Opening Ranges

  • 40+ lessons focused on PKO play.
  • Easy in-game calculations that can be performed on the fly.
  • Every hand from a $530 Bounty Builder win.
  • 90+ power packed lessons and supplements.
  • Advanced tactics explained in an easy to understand way.
  • Go from beginner to top pro.
  • 20+ power packed lessons and supplements.
  • Key tournament tips explained in an easy to understand way.
  • Improve your tournament winrate.

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Meet Jack – A Road To Success Graduate

Jack Sinclair at the WSOP (left) and the GPC (right) where he finished 8th and 1st respectively for a total of ~$1,500,000.

Advanced mtt poker strategy

2 years ago, I was struggling to beat the low stakes. Getting on the Road to Success was the best decision I ever made. It taught me the skills I needed, not just to beat the low stakes, but to go on to crush the mid & even the highest stakes available.

Mtt Poker Trainer

This summer (2017) I made the final table of the WSOP Main Event (for a cool $1.2M) & then won a ‎€25,000 tournament at the GPC for €250k. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Road to Success.

My ROI for the $690 investment is something over 100,000%, so I think it was a good investment :)

Thanks Kel!

Jack – England

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