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'You're in Good Hands With Metrobank'. Metrobank carries this banner with a heart. In need of financial assistance? they can truly be trusted.

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Days will come when problems arise as you do banking with Metrobank. In case you have concerns, you can contact Metrobank Customer Care Hotline/Telephone Number.Usd

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24-hour Customer Service

  • 24x7 Customer Hotline: (02) 8700-700 - this line is always busy. So, try to contact the alternative hotline number below.
  • Alternative Hotline Number: (02) 870-0900
  • 24x7 Domestic Toll-free No.:1-800-1888-5775

Can be called during banking hours

  • (02) 898-8000 press 1 then 2
  • 1-800-10-8579727
  • Mobile Phone No.: 09499942417 (Smart), 09175233364 (Globe)

Other channels to contact

Metrobank's primary business interest involves borrowing and lending, investment banking, trade finance, thrift banking, remittances and treasury.

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Metrobank is serving the top companies and institutions in the Philippines. They are also strong in the middle market corporate sector - a big portion consists of Filipino-Chinese business.

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Metrobank is also a very active participant in the foreign exchange (forex) market in the Philippines and is accredited by the BSP as a government securities dealer.

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It provides investment banking services through First Metro Investment Corporation and retail banking through Philippine Savings Bank.

8000 Btc

As a customer, do you have any concerns with Metrobank? Tells us in the comment below.