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7s to Burn Slots is a game for high stakes gamblers. Players can touch the “Hi Roller” button to activate 5 high roller spins on the game. When this happens, the burning-77 symbol is automatically wild, like it would be in the bonus game. This makes the game much more exciting and profitable for high rollers.

7s to Burn is a famous slot machine game developed by Realtime Gaming, which revolves in providing a small yet effective reel. The main gameplay contains 3 reels and 5 paylines.

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7s to burn slot

This is a game, which is appreciated widely by the people who prefers to play slot games with a lot adequate budgets and win great prizes quite often. What’s more is the characters and symbols that resembles classic slot characters such as the lemons, golden bells, number 7 and more. With plenty of free game features and gambling functions galore, 7s to Burn is a game that is focused to bring a change in the world of slot machine gaming.

The game consists of 5 symbols, which are based in the form of regular casino symbols and the 77 symbol holds the highest priority and payouts among these symbols.

During the base game of 7s to Burn, spinners can choose from a limited range of wagering options which start from 0.25 credits and go up to 2.00 credits. With a stake in place, players can start spinning the reels and hope to receive some prizes. For that to happen, three matched icons need to appear on the reels on any of the 5 fixed paylines. 7’s To Burn slot is a fruit machine released by Barcrest Games in 2015. It looks just like one fruit machine should, featuring the reels populated with the standard slot symbols such as sevens, stars, bells and more. The 3-reel 5-pay line slot’s visuals will appeal to all one-armed bandit fans along with generic sound effects emulating the. As you could win a huge jackpot playing the 7’s to Burn slot game it is a slot machine that you should consider playing, come and find out how it plays and pays.

Ways to Win 7S to Burn Slots

  • Players can choose the line bet value and can adjust by clicking the stake + or – keys to raise or lower the coin sizes according to the wish.
  • Autoplay option seen in the first position can be spun depending on the betting range required by the player.
  • The coin size ranges from 0.1 to 500 coins, which helps the players to win high.
  • The Wilds in the game is the burning 77 symbol and this works to substitute all the other low paying symbols and has a maximum of 250X payouts when 3 symbols appear.

Top Bonus Features in 7s to Burn

Online 7s to Burn comes up with an astonishing RTP to boast upon as it contains healthy 95.10% payouts, which makes the game more of a profitable investment. Here are the top features and modes to focus upon:

  • Free to Play Mode: This mode is targeted primarily for those players who consider taking safe and secure precautions while playing these riskier slot machine games. Although the rewards are far more convincing for real money people, but in the free game mode, the risks are far lesser to ponder.
  • Gambling Feature: This is a contradictory free spin mode, which requires more money, and the risks involved in these are higher. Nevertheless, it is worth taking the risk considering the rewards are pretty convincing.
  • High Roller Bonus: With high roller bonus rounds, around 5 rounds are gifted for free and where 77 is a Wild symbol that substitutes all the other symbols to hit a win. The bonus icons comes to rescue in the round and the bonus round marches on for ensuring payouts.
  • When it comes to bonus payouts, a maximum of 250X is the prize money that can be won in the game. This is a lucky draw and all the players stand a chance to win.

Stakes to Seek

7s to Burn gives a decent betting range values from 0.25 to about 2.00 coins value. The maximum coins, which can be staked are 500 coins. Apart from this, there is a force high roller option, which is available to play on free as well as paid modes.

Why Play 7s to Burn Slot Game?

  • Suited for Players of All Preference: This is a very simple slot machine game with a modest 3 reels and features in the game assure great payouts irrespective of the mode it is played.
  • Smaller the reels, Higher the Winning Chances: The payout combination of the game is built in that aspect where almost all the spins will result a win somehow or the other.
  • Colorful Interface: The interface is extremely eye-catchy and many new comers will love to explore the easy to use interface options of the game.
  • Great Gambling Interface: Some play for fun while some risk with real money. These real money gamblers will have a good chance to win more rounds and the initial deposits are capped for ensuring responsible gambling.
  • Top Level RTP: RTP is noted by most of the players and the game does not disappoint a bit when it comes to a convincing RTP.


  • Suited for players of all wages
  • Optional Gambling Rounds


  • Lesser number of symbols
  • Not so great payouts

7s to Burn slot machine game comes up with a good collection of bonus rounds and symbols, which enhances winning chances even for a meager wages. The game is available to play in various modern mobile devices and requires no downloads in the first place.

100% up to $400
100% up to €200
100% up to $200
100% up to $800
100% up to €200
100% up to €100 + 100 Extra Spins

7 To Burn Demo

250% up to $2500 + 50 Free Spins
50 Free Spins
100% up to £100 + 50 Free Spins
275% up to $550 Bonus + 100 Free Spins

7 Days To Burn Belly Fat

In 2013, Chris Jordan, MS, CSCS, NSCA-CPT, ACSM EP-C/APT, an elite exercise physiologist with experience training armed forces who is currently the director of exercise physiology at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, created a simple bodyweight exercise routine that instantly took the fitness world by storm. It was called the '7-Minute Workout,' and the instructional app containing variations of the routine—complete with videos of Jordan himself offering stern instruction and demonstration—swiftly became one of the most-downloaded fitness apps on the market.

7 Burner Gas Hob

The 7-Minute workout preached the benefits of a type of training that was quickly gaining in popularity at the time: high-intensity interval training, or doing short bursts of really intense exercise split up by short periods of rest. Though the mechanics of HIIT were actually nothing new—elite athletes have been doing several versions of it since the 1930s—the routine promised something truly incredible to busy, working Americans everywhere: Yes, you can get fitter faster—in less than 10 minutes!—and you can do so in any basement or hotel room, using only the weight of your body, a wall, and perhaps a chair. Jordan published the compelling findings of his research on the benefits of the 7-Minute Workout in the American College of Sports Medicine's Health & Fitness Journal, and a phenomenon was born.

For anyone who has tried the 7-Minute Workout and may have found it too difficult to complete, Jordan just released a newer and 'gentler' variation of it: The Standing 7-Minute Workout. Play cards against humanity online with friends. The idea behind this new version, as Jordan explained toThe New York Times, is to make the 7-Minute Workout more accessible to as many people as possible, including 'my triathlete elder brother and my 82-year-old mother.'

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In this version, as the name suggests, he eliminates all of the exercises that may cause strain on the person's body by having them drop to the floor, including more difficult moves such as planks, pushups, and crunches. 'Like the original workout, the standing workout includes exercises for cardio fitness, the lower body, the upper body, and core muscles—in that order,' explains the Times. 'Each exercise lasts just 30 seconds with just five seconds of rest in between. To get the most out of the workout, do each exercise at relatively high intensity—about a 7 or 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.'

You can view a video of Jordan explaining and demonstrating the workout here.

7's To Burning

If you have doubts that you can burn fat by exercising in such a short amount of time, Jordan has plenty of science to back him up. “When it comes to the immediate health benefits of this sort of high-intensity exercise, it’s all about blood sugar,' Timothy Church, Ph.D., a professor of preventive medicine at Louisiana State University, explained to Men's Journal. If you're jumping rope or running sprints, for example, your body instantly gets to processing your blood sugar, which aids in weight loss, and the stress on your muscles leads to greater conditioning. The benefits simply compound from there.

'As with other forms of exercise, when your muscles grow, they pull on your skeletal system, increasing your bone density,” explains Men's Journal. 'A lot of new research also shows that interval training triggers the release of macrophages and killer T cells, boosting the body’s immune function for hours after your last pushup or pullup.'

As your fitness grows, know that you can perform these exercises for longer periods of time than 7 minutes—but we're not talking about hours. Ten, 15, or 20 minutes is plenty of exercise, as LSU's Church told Men's Journal. After all, think of all of the weight lifters who do their sets, and then simply walk around the gym staring at the clock, their heads bobbing to music. 'Most people are really doing hard work for only 15 to 20 minutes anyway,' he said.

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