100 Daily Free Spins

Free Daily Spins. Quite a few people are looking for free spins on a daily basis, there are some sites like FreeDailySpins that offers players around 100 free spins no deposit every single day. This however, in our opinion has not been quite what they have promised. Free Spins: 100 Free Spins Free Spins Slot Game: Fruity Friends/Starburst/ other games based on the geo Bonus Wagering: 35 x Bonus Free Spins Wagering: 35 x Free Spins Remarks: The maximum bet allowed when playing with an active bonus lesser than $/€/£ 4 or $/€/£ 0.50 per line, or 15 percent of the bonus.

Latest Free Spins

  1. No Deposit Bonus
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  3. No Deposit Bonus
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  11. No Deposit Bonus
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  12. No Deposit Bonus
    Deposit Bonus
    1. 50% up to R 4990 + 100 Free Spins
    2. 50% up to R 4990
    T&C 18+ T&Cs Apply
  13. No Deposit Bonus
    Deposit Bonus
    1. 50% up to ₹49990 + 100 Free Spins
    2. 50% up to ₹49990
    T&C 18+ T&Cs Apply
  14. No Deposit Bonus
    Deposit Bonus
    NO wagering, NO Cap on winnings
    T&C 18+ T&Cs Apply
  15. No Deposit Bonus
    Deposit Bonus
    1. 200% up to $200
    2. 100% up to $100
    3. 100% up to $100
    4. 100% up to $100
    5. 175% up to $175
    18+ T&Cs Apply
  16. No Deposit Bonus
    Deposit Bonus
  17. No Deposit Bonus
    Deposit Bonus

Types of Free Spins

There are 2 main types of free spins offers:

  1. No deposit free spins on registration– These are especially popular as a deposit isn’t needed and you just need to register and sign up for an account. A no deposit offer is a great way to trial a casino and its games without putting real money on the line. More often that not, any kind of free bonus comes with terms and conditions that put a cap on winnings or require certain conditions to be satisfied before a withdrawal is possible. One example is that a deposit might have to be made in order for free spins winnings to be released.
  2. Free spins deposit bonus – Normally these free spins will form part of a deposit match bonus, where one part of the bonus awards extra cash to play with and the other part is a number of free spins. The free spins in such a bonus might come with greater play-through requirements than the cash portion.

When choosing an offer to accept, make sure that you are able to win real money and also get to keep and withdraw all of your winnings.

Of course, as is the very nature of gambling, winning is not guaranteed, even with free spin bonuses. It’s also worth remembering that free spin offers typically come with certain wagering requirements, or other restrictions that limit their upside potential, so make sure to read the terms and conditions.

Get Free Chances to Win on Your Favorite Slots

Players have opportunities to get free opportunities to win on some of the hottest online slots today thanks to no deposit free spins promotions like the ones that we have listed here. The idea is simple: You get to play popular titles at a new online casino, and if you time things right and pick up some winnings, then those winnings are credited directly to your account.

Understanding exactly how and why these promotions work and how you can get the best value from them isn’t exactly intuitive, but we’re going to walk you through everything that you need to know about them so that you can get in on the action with a cost-free opportunity to win big.

Why Do Online Casinos Offer Free Spins With No Deposit?

If you’re like us, then you are naturally skeptical of anyone offering something for free. You’re always looking for the strings because it’s normal to assume that there are strings attached. However, there’s something special to note about the deals that we are recommending here:

There are no strings attached to these free spins offers. You can really pull down real world, real money wins and cash those winnings out without having to ever make a deposit.

With that having been said, there are some terms and conditions that you’ll need to follow. While they will vary from site to site and offer to offer, we have summarized how they usually tend to work down below.

So you may be wondering what’s in it for the casino if they are just giving away chances to win free money. The answer is that they figure enough players will enjoy their games enough to make deposits to play some more that it makes sense from a business perspective.

Ultimately, it’s a win-win situation: Players get several free opportunities to get paid, and the casino gets more eyes on their games.

How No Deposit Free Spin Casino Promotions Work

First and foremost, we want to point out that each promotion for each casino is going to be a little different. However, virtually all of them have the same general structure, which usually works out something like the following:

  1. You’ll start off by accepting the offer and signing up for an account for the casino. This account is needed so that they can credit your winnings to you.
  2. From there, you’ll actually play through your free spins on whichever games they are applied towards.
  3. After the free spins are finished, your winnings are credited to your account either as cash or as a bonus balance.
  4. You’ll be able to play with the funds in either case, but you’ll need to clear certain play-through requirements on the amount of your winnings before you’re allowed to cash out.

Again, we want to note that you should check the terms and conditions for each individual offer that you might accept. With that said, almost all of the offers we list here follow this same basic formula as it’s an industry standard format for these types of deals.

Example Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements for a free spins promotion like these will always be based on the total amount of your winnings, and it’s usually expressed as a multiple. This means that if the requirement was 20x, then you’d need to wager a total of 20 times the amount of your winnings before you would be allowed to cash out.

Here is a real-world example of how this can work:

  • Suppose we have a set of 25 free spins with a play-through requirement of 30x.
  • We play through our free turns, and we’re able to pull down $20 in winnings.
  • To be eligible to cash out, we will need to make wagers of at least $20 x 30 = $600.
  • Once we wager through the $600 requirement, we are allowed to cash out normally through a banking method of our choice.

This example is pretty much in-line with what you can expect from actual offers, and it’s a great deal considering that you’re getting a chance to cash out real money prizes without having to ever risk anything of your own. Note, however, that you may still be asked to provide identification so that they can make sure people aren’t abusing these offers by claiming the same free spins over and over again.

Free Play Games and Apps

Those who only want to gamble for fun with “play money” should look for free spins on games like Coin Master or the app House of Fun™. Modern slot machines on mobiles, tablets and desktops are so well crafted and entertaining today that many are happy to play them without involving real money at all. In fact, these games are so popular that many players will look for a “spin link” and use cheats to get extra or unlimited spins for free.

Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrency Free Spins

The original and most popular crypto – Bitcoin – is no exception when it comes to free spins offers. There are a multitude of online Bitcoin casinos that support at least one cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero and Dash, often in parallel with regular currencies. To find free spin deals for Bitcoin and other cryptos, use the casino top list at the top of this page and its filters.

Free Bonus Codes

There aren’t as many bonus codes for free spins as there used to be in the online casino space. These promotional codes are more commonly seen offered by older casinos that are sticking to old-school marketing tactics, in particular in the US. That being said, there are still several quite lucrative bonus codes that can award players free spins, and we keep track of them on the bonus codes page.

Getting the Most From Free Spin Offers

To get the most value from these offers, all you have to do is take advantage of them. There are no special strategies that you need to pick up, and there’s no complicated math that you need to toil over.

Instead, they’re designed to make it easy for you to pick them up whenever you want and to get started playing at your convenience. Everything about these offers caters to players who simply want free chances to win real money without having to risk anything of their own.


Do I really not have to deposit anything?

In most cases, no deposit is required to have a chance to win real money with these free spin offers. However, some online casinos will require a small deposit before you’re allowed to cash out for identification verification purposes.

If this is the case with the offer you’ve selected, then you won’t be required to play through any amount in particular with that deposit, and you’ll still be eligible to cash out your winnings from the free spins. Some jurisdictions and operating groups require identity verification of this type in order to have no deposit free spin bonus codes available in the first place, so it’s often outside of the casino’s hands.

How can I build a casino bankroll with free spin offers?

There’s a strategy that’s been used for over a decade that works pretty well with these deals, and we’ll break down the basic idea here:

  1. Get a list of all of the no deposit offers, whether it’s for free spins or free chips, and have them in a list somewhere that you can check them off as you do them to keep them organized.
  2. Work through these offers one at a time until you’re through the entire list.
  3. If you have a good streak of luck and end up as a winner who is able to cash out at any of these offers, then go ahead and process your cash out as soon as possible.
  4. Combine the winnings from each of these offers into one place, and use that to put in a deposit at a casino for a solid first deposit bonus to get as much value as you can.

It will take some patience to work through as many of the free spins promotions as you can, but it’s an approach based on patience and on pure numbers. You won’t get lucky every time, and no one reading this is under the assumption that you will, but if you do several offers in a row, chances are that your luck will be up for some of them. Those are the ones that you’ll win on, and they’re the ones that you’ll use to build your initial bankroll.

Do I get to pick the slot for the free spins?

Whether or not you get to choose which slots to play on for your free spins depends completely on the individual casino and the individual offer.

In some cases, your free turns will only be available on one particular game, and you won’t even be allowed to look at other titles until those free spins have been played. In other cases, you’ll have a selection of titles to pick from on which you can use your spins.

With offers that give you some choice, you should take care to make sure that you’re getting the most value for your spins. They will have a set maximum price that they will play for each turn, but it’s not always a bet size that’s available on each game. If you pick a slot that doesn’t have a betting option for the maximum price per spin, then you’ll play with the closest amount that’s lower than that maximum, and that means you’ll lose some value in the process.

What happens if I don't win?

If you aren’t lucky enough to end up with some winnings this time around, then that’s no problem at all. You’re welcome to try other offers on our list, or you can keep playing with the same casino by using a deposit with one of their first deposit bonuses. These deals can keep you in the game for a long time with a small deposit, and they’re a good way to continue the action all in one place if you want to spend more time playing your favorites.

Can you win real money on free spins?

Yes, as long as the requirements in the T&Cs are satisfied, many offers do allow you to cash out your winnings as real money.

With some free spins bonuses you will win “bonus cash”, that you can then use on other games to win real money.

What are free spins?

Free spins is a form of bonus offer that awards players with spins on a slot machine, with no deposit required. If you receive 20 free spins, you can play 20 free rounds on a slot machine.

In order to withdraw your winnings, you will have to fulfil the requirements listed in the terms and conditions for the offer. One of the most essential parts of the T&Cs is the wagering requirement – how much you have to bet in total to be allowed to cash out any winnings. It is typically expressed as a multiple of the winnings, for example 20 times the amount.

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